Longmire: 3.10 Season Finale “Ashes to Ashes”

“Ashes to Ashes” wrapped up a couple more of the main arcs and ended with a riveting season finale that was quite satisfying for this Longmire fan. Rather than try to hit all the plot points, here are some of the highlights I enjoyed, and I hope you will add your favorite moments in the comments.

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Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) finds Branch Connally (Bailey Chase) walking down the road, shotgun in hand. In the back of the sheriff’s vehicle, David Ridges (David Midthunder) lies dead. Longmire picks up the lone wolf who has been “out in the cold” for a majority of this season, desperately trying to convince anyone who’d listen that the White Warrior was alive. In Branch’s tired, vacant stare at his would-be assassin, there’s a mixture of disbelief that his ordeal is finally over, perhaps, wondering if, even now, the corpse won’t come back alive for one more encounter.

Outside the office, Longmire bars Branch from going in. When Branch asks what he has to do to earn his way back in, Longmire replies he doesn’t know. Inside, Longmire commands Ferg (Adam Bartley) to clean out Branch’s desk and take the man his belongings while the sheriff and Vic Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) set out to arrest Jacob Nighthorse.

Nighthorse (A. Martinez) has lawyered up—she’s there in his office—and he has, on the surface, a damn good alibi. There's a recorded conversation between himself and David Ridges that clears him of violating their agreement and of setting up Longmire for an ambush. When Nighthorse rambles on about how he’s tired of constantly being scrutinized, he crosses the line by invoking Longmire’s late wife’s name. Longmire turns to strike the swine with a closed first—but instead belts Vic squarely in the face! It was one of the few times I can remember watching television and recoiling in shock at both Longmire’s mistake and Vic’s bloody pain. Shortly after, I laughed out loud when Vic and Longmire walk into the Red Pony and Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) asks what happened. Walt says, “The usual,” and Vic says, “Walt punched me.” Just another day at the office.

Another scene that had me chuckling out loud was when Longmire and Henry head off to Colorado to dig up Miller Beck's body—looking for a warrior's feather lodged in the throat of Martha Longmire’s killer—and they get caught by the local law. The exchange between Longmire and Henry as they navigate the cops into helping them out is a comical routine, Henry playing a grave robber—with two shovels—with lawman Longmire hot on his heels. They recover the body, and Longmire gets to reach into the deceased’s seriously macabre-looking skeleton to pull out the feather—the main piece of evidence that finally clears Henry. Later, when Longmire and Henry lug Miller Beck’s coffin back to where David Ridges’s body is being kept, they find out from Ferg that someone picked the lock and made off with Ridges. Henry genuinely asks, “Someone stole a corpse?” Ferg comments, “I know. Pretty sick, right?” What a hoot (owl pun intended).

In a season of incredible performances from the whole cast, Robert Taylor delivered powerfully in the scene when Walt finally lets go of Martha. He releases her ashes onto the ground where he promised “'til death do us part” years ago. It was moving to see Walt's body language, as if  he were still reaching out for Martha as the remains sifted through his fingers.

The season wrapped up the David Ridges storyline, as well as Vic’s stalker situation and Henry Standing Bear’s plight. Of course, I was left asking: who set the wheels in motion for Miller Beck to kill Martha Longmire? I had suspected Malachi (Graham Greene), and to a lesser degree Jacob Nighthorse, just as Longmire seemed to believe at the end of this episode. I kept watching the clock as the minutes were dwindling down, wondering what surprises were left in store.

What I didn’t see coming was Branch’s father Barlow (Gerald McRaney) being the responsible party. While Branch and Barlow are trap shooting and talking about the business, Branch gets his father to admit his connections to Nighthorse. Not only did Barlow funnel money through Nighthorse to support Branch’s campaign for Sheriff, he also made a significant payment made to Nighthorse’s business the week that Martha was killed—a payment intended for a “soldier,” with no questions asked.

Aha! So that’s why (in terms of story justice) Longmire got to shoot Ridges himself, even though he doesn’t yet know that it was Ridges who killed Miller Beck. As the scene closes with Branch getting ready to take in his corrupt father, maybe hoping to earn his way back into the department or just because he’s realized that he’s not like his dad, Branch’s father says he’s sorry he failed him, but it’s not too late to have another son. Boom! We hear the shotgun blast as we see Longmire looking concerned while scanning the landscape, as if he heard it, too.

But all this begs the question, if Barlow Connally hired David Ridges to kill Martha Longmire, did Ridges do the deed himself, or did he outsource the murder by hiring Miller Beck? And why was Ridges going after Branch so adamantly? And doesn’t it seem rather misplaced for Barlow to kill Longmire’s wife—why would he think that would get his son into the sheriff’s office? Why not kill Longmire himself?

Here’s hoping Longmire returns for Season 4, because there are so many questions that still need to be answered. But, damn, wasn’t that a top season closer?!

Under the pen name of Edward A. Grainger, David Cranmer writes the continuing adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles. He is also the editor/publisher of the BEAT to a PULP webzine and books.


  1. snow dog

    I loved Vic’s line when Walt was apologizing for punching her and she said “Seriously it’s the best thing that’s happened to me all week”. Then in the Red Pony Henry says to Vic “I think you are spending too much time with Walt you are picking up his speech patterns”. Then Walt leaves Vic stranded at the Red Pony as he rushes to Denver. 🙂

    I just like this show regardless if people think some of the story arcs are unbelievable or have holes, Walt ignores jurisdiction, stretches the law, etc. . Hope they do more of the funny one liners and really missed Walt and Henry playing off one another this season. Most of their encounters were too serious this season.

    I have to say the Baldwin/Coveny written episodes are my favorites.

    I just want a season 4 and would really like more episodes per season although I doubt that will happen. I’m getting really bored with most TV offerings and this is the last “new” show that has caught my interest. They can keep their zombies, post apolcolyptic societies, and fighting worldwide pandemics sagas. Just want more Longmire.

  2. shrummer

    I have to say I was a little disappointed in the finale. Nothing really happened between Vic and Walt. I did like the comment about it being the best thing that happened. I did like how it ended for Henry. The part when Walt was spreading his wife’s ashes was so sad.

  3. David Cranmer

    The humorous scenes between Walt and Henry were indeed a welcomed return. But Vic’s “Walt punched me” leveled me. Yes, fingers crossed for a season 4. And thank you, [b]snowdogmom[/b], for being a part of the conversation here each week. Very much appreciated.

    [b]shrummer[/b], I’m sure some fans were disappointed but I like the natural way its developing and it would have been a bit much for Walt to say goodbye to Martha and getting together with Vic in the same show.

  4. randal120

    Randy Johnson here,

    Arcs settled. More questions in the air. Is Branch dead? Is Barlow that big a sleazeball?

    Hope for another season where we can find out. More episodes would be nice. Probably no chance though.

  5. David Cranmer

    Randy, I played the scene several times to see if by the shotgun’s empty cartridge I could tell because there was red and a silver casings and they show that final spent shell. But it appeared Branch used both types. But even with Branch distracted there’s no way Barlow gets the drop.

  6. Simone Smith

    I thoroughly enjoyed the finale even though the conspiracy about Martha’s murder had holes large enough to drive a truck through. I am glad that Henry is free and the truth is about about Barlow.

    I am sure that Branch shot his father because this is not the kind of show where the main characters die so I don’t find the ending suspenseful. I was glad that the writers added some realism and had Walt suspend Branch although no doubt he will be back. It is unfortunate that the writers are unlikely to consider having Branch kicked off completely. It would add more drama.

    I loved the humor. Walt hitting Vic made me gasp, but her causal reaction was funny as hell as were subsequent scenes with Vic, Walt and Henry in the Red Pony, and then Walt and Henry in cemetry. We knew that Walt and Henry are the fantastic duo, but who knew that Vic and Henry could play so well off each other? These three characters need to interact a lot more.

    [b]shrummer[/b], I think that the writers were going for closure on Walt’s grief for his decesased wife in the finale. It had to be done before anything romantic could happen with Vic. I am sure if the show is renewed that the writers will be going full steam ahead with Walt and Vic’s romance.

  7. Eileen Miller

    I laughed at Walt & Henry’s grave robbing antics and cried when Walt let Martha “go”. This season has really kept my interest and the “cliffhanger” of who survives the Branch/Barlow “shootout” has me waiting for next season even more than the “who shot JR” one on the original Dallas!. I’ve enjoyed the weekly re-caps, as there is always some little “gem” that I missed while watching. Keep up the good work!!

  8. David Cranmer

    [b]Penny[/b], Gotta say I’d hate to see Branch gone. That character added tons this season but I’m with you on Henry, Vic, and Walt interacting more. Some real big laughs in “Ashes to Ashes.” It’s rare for me to laugh out loud watching films but this had me laughing.

    Thank you for the kind words, [b]egmiller[/b]! And I appreciate everyone that joined in the conversation over the past ten weeks.

  9. PerilPress

    I found it odd that both season 2 and 3 ended with Branch getting shot.

    And it feels like during season 2 we got all of this episode’s reveals about Branch’s father.

    It was a great season and episode.

  10. Mary Saputo

    I, too, enjoyed the one-liners and am glad that Henry is now free of his charges and glad, too, that Fales had his come-uppance. As to Branch and his father, I believe Branch shot his father but as to your comment, Penny, about this not being the kind of show where the main characters die, I remind you of “The Good Wife.” We didn’t see that one coming either. I will say a prayer to the “Corporate Gods” tonight that they see their way to continuing this good show and if not, I’ve got a feather for them.

  11. samanthajane

    What a great finale and another great season! Bailey Chase and Katee Sackhoff certainly deserve some recognition for their intense scenes. Really enjoyed the humorous banter between Walt/Henry and Vic/Henry. Although there was not any close interaction between Vic and Walt – appropriately so – it was really sweet to see Vic take care of Walt’s bloody ear in the bar 🙂 What a total dirtbag Barlow turned out to be, not that we didn’t think he was pretty slimy, but to turn against Branch like that – pretty powerful! I do think Barlow was the one to go down, but maybe not by Branch. Hopefully in season 4 we will see more humorous interactions between Walt and Henry, I would love to know more about their history, and of course it would be great to see Walt and Vic finally have some happiness together. Really enjoy all your comments!

  12. Simone Smith

    [b]Edward[/b], I meant Branch no longer in the Sheriff’s office, but remaining on the show as Walt’s nemesis as mayor or running his father’s company.

    I will say that the very reason that you want to keep Branch is exactly why he should be killed off or sent away. Too many tv shows are lazy and predictable keeping on main characters that should be gone to shake up the show. It is this unpredictability that contributes to the success of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

    If Ridges had killed Branch at the end of last season, this season would have been even more dark and intense as they investigated his murder. Instead we get the same cliffhanger of Branch in danger as last season. I like Longmire, but it would much be better with more daring writing and less predictable plots.

  13. David Cranmer

    [b]PerilPress[/b], I’ve always liked Gerald McRaney going way back to Simon & Simon and I’m kinda hoping he’s not mortally wounded and sticks around a little more to add spice to these exceptional storylines.

    [b]bitsyo8[/b], Regardless of a season four I’m almost positive that Longmire and these actors will be returning in one form or another. It’s too darn good and too popular. But praying to the “Corporate Gods” can’t hurt!

    [b]samanthajane[/b], That was a nice touch with Vic taking care of Walt’s ear in the bar. Ha! Especially after the punch in the kisser. And thank you for stopping by and adding your invaluable insight. Deeply appreciated.

    Very good points, [b]Penny[/b]. That would be a sharp change of pace to make him a mayor or some other powerful nemesis. Maybe the writers will take you up on that!

  14. samanthajane

    Penny – I agree with you that Branch taking up his father’s company would be an interesting storyline if he doesn’t get back to being a deputy. Another interesting storyline would be if Branch did go back to the sheriff’s dept and his sibling – assuming he has one – taking up the reins and being just as devious and evil as Barlow. Since we know he is an only son, it would be his sister. I just don’t see Branch getting into big business, he seems to really love law enforcement and digging into the truth of crimes, even if that truth exposed his father. In a way, he’s a lot like Walt in that he just wouldn’t be comfortable with the dirty dealings of his father’s business. It would also be great to see he and Cady work their way back to each other. They have such great chemistry!

  15. Virginia Campbell


    Everyone on this show makes the most of their screen time. Simply superb. The scene of Vic, Ruby, and Ferg staring out the window at displaced, disturbed Deputy Branch is one of my all time favorite images for this show. No words needed.

    Bailey Chase, with his increasingly desperate, haunted face and those electric blue eyes has given Branch much substance behind the swagger.

    Lou Diamond Phillips is the epitome of elegance and eloquence. He expressed the dignified despair of Henry Standing Bear so beautifully.

    Katee Sackhoff…Vic can’t help lovin’ that man Walt…Katee amazingly portrays Vic’s tough-tender persona…vivid and vulnerable…

    Ruby and Ferg…the icing on the cake…can’t have this cake without the icing…

    Peter Weller and Gerald McRaney–I am longtime fans of both actors, and they are terrific counterpoints to Robert Taylor…

    Robert Taylor has such a wonderfully, subtly expressive face and eyes that say so much…yet he is physically imposing…that man can really clear a table…also a desk…and that voice…yessiree…vote for Longmire…

    A year is an awful long time to wait for Season 4…I vote for Season 3.5…

    Thank you, Mr. Grainger for your wonderful posts!

  16. David Cranmer

    Nicely said, Virginia! And thank you. It’s been a lot of fun reviewing the show each week and meeting so many other fans of the show.

  17. 01whitty

    I liked that Branch has discovered his father hired out the murder of Walt’s wife before Walt learned it. I think Barlow assumed the death would cripple Walt, who wouldn’t run. In that case, Branch would have been a shoe-in.
    Walt and Vic will ruin a perfect working relationship if they move to a personal relationship. I have a feeling Vic’s husband is not out of the picture yet. I wouldn’t write him out until the divorce, although he’s proven himself to be a coward in the face of danger–not Vic’s type.
    Branch will make a comeback in one form or another, and I do not believe this show will be cancelled, moved to another network perhaps, but A&E needs this show.
    Here’s my off the wall suggestion: this show needs a Clydesdale advertisement to demonstrate strength and determination right along side beauty and gentleness.

  18. snow dog

    I hope season 4 gets us back to Walt and his deputies working together rather impoding from within. I don’t want to see Branch turn into the nemisis of the Sheriff’s department. I’ve had enough of Branch the crazy rogue this season. I really want to see Walt, Vic, Lucien and Henry work a case with banter between all 4 of them. Craig’s latest book Any Other Name was so good with Vic getting the best of Lucian with her come backs and Walt watching it all unfold. They don’t need these over the top long drawn out story arcs now that we got Walt’s wife’s murder mostly tied up. What makes this show so great is the characters and their interactions especially with each other in solving crimes.

  19. CarolK

    Watched the last episdoe for season 3 and immediately jumped on this forum to see what all were thinking.

    I thought Walt’s spreading of Martha’s ashes was very poignant.

    I really don’t want to see Walt & Vic in a relationship. When key players do the deed, it is often the demise of the show. I’d hate to see that here.

    Branch is a very interesting character. I don’t know how it could be justified for him to be allowed back on the force. Perhaps as someone else mentioned he could be mayor or something. I initially thought he was comptemplating suicide but then figured that was just not his personality. A rifle was fired but that does not mean someone was killed but that scene was quite powerful regardless.

    What was that with Branch rubbing the paint on Ridge’s face in the morgue? He came away with something on his thumb. Was it concrete or cement rather than paint? My husband thinks I’m nuts and it was just makeup or war paint.

    The interplay between Henry & Walt seems true to Craig Johnson books.

    10 episodes is pretty good for a season. I doubt we’ll get more.

    I can’t wait for Season 4. I just love this series.

  20. David Cranmer

    [b]01whitty[/b], I’m sure that was what Barlow was counting on but he was also taking a very big risk that Walt doesn’t throw himself into his work to overcome his loss and work through the pain. Which happens frequently in the real world. Still, having Barlow as the mastermind was inspired writing. And I can’t say enough praise for McRaney’s acting. Top of his game.
    [b]snowdogmom[/b], 100% support more Lucian Connally and having him partner up with Walt again. Season 3’s “Wanted Man” featuring Peter Weller was one of the strongest episodes. Favorite line remains, “If you do the job right, Walt, by the time you put down your sheriff’s badge, you’re a wanted man.”
    [b]CarolK[/b], I’m not exactly sure about the moment when Branch stood in front of the mirror with what I’m assuming was war paint. I believe the scene was added, along with Branch visiting the corpse, to throw some suspicion (a red herring) his way that he was capable of swiping the body. A red herring so to speak. But, perhaps, someone else has a better answer? The interplay between Henry and Walt is very true to Mr. Johnson’s books. It had been lost for most of the season because of the heavy ramifications of a looming prison sentence.

  21. PaulK

    Barlow had a shotgun and to use this to shoot Branch he would have to standup and turn around. There did not seem time for this without Branch taking some kind of action.

    Branch had suspicious evidence that he might have shared with Longmire before confronting his father. Was Longmire on his way to confront Connelly?

  22. David Cranmer

    PaulK, I feel after he spread Martha’s ashes he was headed to confront Jacob Nighthorse. He had no idea about Barlow being involved.

  23. CarolK

    Is is possible no one shot anyone or is it possible that someone else shot either Barlow or Branch?

  24. David Cranmer

    Without a doubt. Branch could have given a warning shot to tell Barlow to stay put. He really has the upper edge even though he was distracted.

  25. David Cranmer

    And Branch turning his own father over to Walt will probably clear his way to return to his job. Of course he has some serious apologizing to Vic. But once Walt realizes Barlow’s involvement I can see him forgiving Branch.

  26. Carmen Pinzon

    I mostly lurk here but have followed these recaps and enjoyed them very much.

    I have this theory that Barlow and Walt’s relationship is much more complicated than it’s been said and that Martha’s murder had more reasons behind it than just throwing Walt off his game to get Branch to the Sheriff’s office.

    I just pray that we get another season, and that the showrunners go back to having the team solving murders. I’m not a fan of the omminous grand story arc format.

  27. David Cranmer

    I appreciate you lurking, bungluna! And thank you for the compliment. Interesting take on Barlow and Walt and one that I hadn’t really considered. Though the whole Barlow reveal is still soaking in with me. But, sure, its a possibility. And I can go either way on arcs versus standalones. If the arc is well done, like Ridges, I don’t mind.

  28. DrewOFB

    I’m a latecomer to posting comments but I’ve enjoyed reading the recaps and viewer’s comments.
    First, I liked the opening music to this episode. I am still against Vic and Walt getting romantically involved. It seems too easy and common.
    The season finale was a great episode with my favorite line of the series: “Walt punched me.”
    Now, how long do we have to wait for season 4?

  29. David Cranmer

    DrewOFB, A very quick check says the song was “Lawdy” by The Vespers. I’ve enjoyed the music throughout this season and find myself adding them to my playlist. Season 4? I think were in for a long wait on that announcement but I certainly hope I’m wrong. Also, thank you for stopping by. Appreciated.

  30. snow dog

    It has been reported that A&E is contracturally obligated to make a renewal decision by August 31st. Whether the producers/actors will let us know or not, who knows. John Coveny tweeted the renewal for S3 last year at the end of August as did Lou Diamond Philips but then Lou removed his tweet. It took A&E until end of November to release their “official” renewal announcement. They were working out contract details that whole time. A&E wanted a larger profit share. I hope we hear by the end of August. A&E is not winning me over as a supporter. Getting sick of their lack of information and promotion for Longmire. They don’t even respond on their various Facebook pages.

  31. Dog

    First, I have never watched a show where the actors do a better job of appearing authenic. This is a great cast. However, the writers need to be a bit more consistent as some of the story lines this year were a bit lamer than in the past…i.e., the murder in the pines.
    My favorite part of the finale was the banter between, Vic, Walt and Bear…much like the recurring theme in the books.
    As to the Walt and Vic relationship… the writers have handled this with “kid gloves.” Other than glances and appropriate caring touches, there has been little hint of anything else. It is only natural, that these two – with similar personalities and needs – would eventually be drawn together. I have no problem with that and felt Sean should have been (as in the books) gotten rid of in season one and the entire “Gorski” plodding plot was unnecessary and/or WAY too long.
    Both the Walt and Vic characters have been encumbered, by the writers, with way too much baggage. Hopefull, if there is a S4, they can move forward much more freely. I did notice Cady “eyeing” them, when Vic “naturally and caringly” cleaned Walt’s wounds at the Red Pony. Cady clearly saw more than the wound.
    As to Branch and his dad. IMO (2 cents), I think Barlow killed himself, thus setting Branch free to be his “own man,” thus creating “another son,” not created in his father’s image.
    Futhermore, I feel that Walt’s wife was robbed my a meth-head and accidently killed. Barlow saw an opportunity and had him killed by Ridges. Why did Ridges go after Branch? Remember when Walt told Barlow that he thought the shooter was getting back at Barlow through Branch? Perhaps, blackmail from Ridges. I don’t think Jacob is squeaky clean either.
    S4? Who knows what A&E will do? I read somewhere last year that they had come under new management. It would seem for outward appearances they are after the quick buck and not entertainment – thus the cheaply made farsical “reality” fiascos. Longmire averaged 3.5 million this season (almost 3.7 for the finale); a bit off from S3 (3.7). But their bread/butter Duck Dynasty has plunged to 4 million. They only have three shows drawing any sizeable audience… Longmire, Bates Hotel and DD (I have never watched either of the last two). So, we wait and see if A&E is really about ENTERTAINMENT and renews Longmire.
    Sorry for the length.

  32. CarolK

    Dog stated:
    “I did notice Cady “eyeing” them, when Vic “naturally and caringly”
    cleaned Walt’s wounds at the Red Pony. Cady clearly saw more than the wound.

    As to Branch and his dad. IMO (2 cents), I think Barlow killed himself,
    thus setting Branch free to be his “own man,” thus creating “another
    son,” not created in his father’s image.”

    I love these observations. Good catch.

    Though I still do not like the idea of Walt & Vic in a relationship they do make a good pair. I just think the writers won’t get it right and ruin the whole. Look at Bones. The sexual tension between Booth & Bones was great, having them marry was not.

    Barlow did seem a bit shaky there at the end. I like your take on this even if it isn’t what happened.

  33. snow dog

    Dog, I agree with your Walt/Vic comments, they have been encumbered by the story arcs.

    The whole Sean and Gorski story arcs were not needed. Vic should have just been divorced from the start. Those story arcs were part of the cause for so many Vic haters and strong feelings Walt and Vic should not get together.

    I’ll take it one step further. I think the whole Martha being killed story arc wasn’t needed. Just leave it as she died of cancer like in the books and then whole Henry being charged and arrested would not be needed. There are so many better story arc’s for Henry’s character.

    If the finale is an indication I think the writers will develop the Walt/Vic relationship slowly and do it right, it will work, and not be the “typical” main characters getting together to the detriment of the show. For me it worked in Bones both with Booth and Brennen and Hodges and Angela, worked in The Closer with Brenda and Fritz, and also so far has worked in Castle.

    In case you don’t know already the people behind The Closer are the mostly the same people behind Longmire.

  34. Elizabeth Smith

    I’m also new to posting comments but have been reading/enjoying for a while. Sorry, this is terribly long but like everybody else Ashes to Ashes left me with so many thoughts and questions. It packed a wallop of an emotional punch for Longmire viewers from Henry being freed to Walt’s farewell to Martha to the Connally father and son confrontation. I loved that so many characters had to down a shot of whiskey in this episode because I needed one when it was over too. Its not like Vic, Walt, and Henry let alone Cady are known for taking shots and it seemed like more than good product placement to me. Was there a deeper meaning from the cast and crew? Was it a salute to Joe Tuck, the driver who died, a toast to the season, a toast to the audience, a bit of all three?

    This show always surprises me so I am certain that a Season 4 would continue that trend. Unless there is something business wise (contract negotiations going on?) I don’t think Branch was killed. Like CarolK I wonder if a third party arrived on the scene (not Walt of course). Or Branch just grabbed and deflected the shotgun. I hope they do surprise me!

    I feel like the Longmire writers gave us a study in variations of a familial crazy gene this season. That’s a little flip about mental illness so no offense to anyone. But there is clearly a strong strain of it in the Connally family. Lucian is eccentric crazy, a lot of fun, love the character but I worry a bit when he is carrying a gun. Branch’s may have been a case of temporary insanity but he definitely went over the edge of mental stabilty this season. Daddy Barlow was revealed to be full-on, evil crazy. I remember reading once that many settlers of Wyoming were driven mad by some combination of the incessant wind of the high plains and the loneliness. When Barlow was talking about how the Connallys settled Absaroka County I wondered how nuts Branch’s grandfather/great-grandfather might have been. I also agree that there seems to be more to Barlow’s malice toward Walt. His line “that son of a bitch Walt Longmire” sounded like he has a deep hatred for him. Longmire’s been sheriff a long time, must have gotten in Barlow Connally’s way many times over the years.

    I don’t like the idea of Branch in any other job but with the sheriff’s department. That seems to be who the character is to me and I feel like he is lost without it. He looked so out of place in his father’s office. I do like Branch and Cady together but think he has as much to do to earn his way back into her good graces as he does to Walt’s. I think what Henry said to Branch about returning to his job under Walt after he lost the election has a much deeper meaning now. It seems it would be harder than simply walking in and having Walt say “okay then” but not impossible. Besides, in typical Longmire fashion, he seems to half blame himself for what happened to Branch.

    I feel like there is too much unresolved with Malachi and Nighthorse and more for us to discover there but I don’t think Nighthorse intended for Walt’s wife to be murdered. He does have legal problems with his role though doesn’t he? Malachi needs to go down for his corruption and treatment of Henry if nothing else.

    Why did Henry take Hector’s drop jar? I felt like he was at Hector’s wall to honor him but then it seemed like more than just that when he took the jar. His face changed. Isn’t that where people left notes for Hector with requests for his “services”? Could have been nothing, might have been something, that’s what I like about this show.

    Who called Walt’s home phone? Was it just a device to let us hear Martha’s voice as Walt was going to spread her ashes or was there more significance? Was someone trying to get ahold of Walt? Was it Henry? I feel like Henry would have just driven to the cabin. Unless he felt it was so urgent he wouldn’t get there fast enough or he was driving somewhere else but needed to tell Walt why?

    I am pro- what I call “The VicWaltship” but not in any hurry. I like their interactions so far, both tender (Walt’s comforting embrace at the hospital) and tough (yeah, that punch was hysterical). So I hope they keep it that way, a slow burn of some excellent character chemistry. I’m sad to read sometimes that there are Longmire viewers who really dislike Vic, I LOVE her character, flaws and all.

    I just got Detective Fales name this episode (Fales = Fails). Like something out of the J.K. Rowling school of character naming.

    I’ve enjoyed Season 3 but in a Season 4 I would like to see a return to more episodes that are less the serial drama aspect of Longmire and more procedure/crime. That is what drew me to the series: incredible writing and beautifully crafted, works-of-art level episodes that still haunt me like Dog Soldier.

  35. snow dog

    emsa2, I think Walt deserved a drink after what he’s had to deal with and more than a Raineer. Vic too for that matter if the punch in the face was the best thing that happened to her all week. 🙂

    I was surprised at Henry pouring one for Cady, he’s enabling her. IMO she has developed a drinking problem after finding out her mother was murdered.

    I think Henry took the jar with requests for Hector’s services because he is going to take over the role of providing justice to the Cheyenne when they can’t get it anyplace else. He feels responsible for Hector’s death, prelude to Henry storyline for season 4.

  36. CarolK

    emsA2 – I wanted a like button fro your comments. Glad you asked this?
    “Why did Henry take Hector’s drop jar?”

    To all – I’m really enjoying all your thoughts.

    OK, Walt & Vic can get together as long as it is done well.

  37. David Cranmer

    [b]Dog[/b], Interesting theory. Though the way Barlow said I don’t have time to make another fortune, I’d have my doubts he killed himself. I’ve always been a little hazy as to why Ridges went after Branch. Now knowing that Barlow had Martha killed to help elect Branch, uh, maybe there’s something else we haven’t been told. Maybe? I like your Fales name observation and thank you for some very intriguing and fresh interpretations. Never apologize for the length around here. We welcome analyzing in-depth. 🙂
    [b]emsA2[/b], “… incessant wind of the high plains and the loneliness.” That’s a thought-provoking tidbit that I’ve never heard. But, yes, that family seems to have a serious case of the crazies. I like snowdogmom’s answer to why Henry took Hector’s jar. I was confused about that point myself but that’s a logical conclusion. Also I’ve finally come to accept the Walt & Vic relationship. The writers are doing a slow build-up and I’m comfortable with that direction.

  38. Dog

    [b]emsA2… [/b]Appreciated your take on the “VicWaltship.” I totally agree. It works in the books and it took Craig about four books/four years to get there.
    Also was intrigued about Henry taking the jar. It seemed to have old
    note(s) (requests) in it. Perhaps, Bear has something there he doesn’t want to risk anyone seeing. Who knows? As you say, this is just one of the many nuances that make this a “different” show.

    I agree with most, that the Branch character works best as a deputy. If Barlow is dead, he is going to need Walt more than ever. I recall, Jacob thinking aloud that Branch had become more like Walt than he (Branch) realized.
    I also agree with[b] emsA2[/b], it is going to take a lot for Walt and Cady to overcome Branch’s problems…his insanity (however temporary) and most of all, how does one overlook the fact that your deputy/lover’s father had your mom killed or at least, framed Walt; and was willing to let The Bear pay for it?

    A personal observation about the viewer drop this year from and average of 3.7 (S2) to 3.5(S3). IMO, the writers gamble failed. This year, I recommended this show to a lot of people. They would watch for a while and become disinterested – their reason -they had no clue what was going on with half the storylines. The continuation for three
    years(!) of Martha’s murder…Vic’s home problems…Gorski…Beck’s murder – then throw in Henry being charged…Branch’s insanity..David Ridges…etc. – became too much for NEW viewers to overcome.
    I know when Longmire was recommended to me (I started in the middle of S2), I had little idea as to the numerous “sub-plots” that seemed to actually dominate the heart beat of the story. I went back to S1 and the S2 to catch up. Not too many folks are that willing to catch up with a new show.
    I agree with many of you, if there is a S4, it should be better (and easier to join) with individual weekly episodes without so much undercurrent. Here’s hoping.

    I am enjoying reading the comments here. Thanks.

  39. Dog

    BTW, as to Branch firing a warning shot… Remember the Owl showed up… the messenger of death. Has the owl brought a message of peace for Walt from Martha…or has someone died?

  40. mates

    The season finale was funny, exciting, and heartbreaking. Walt saying goodbye to his wife was an unforgettable moment. Not a dry eye in the house!

  41. David Cranmer

    [b]Dog[/b], checking the online dictionary it says owls are considered by some to be “harbingers of bad luck, ill health, or death.” So we have some wiggle room on the meaning of the owl showing up to hard-eye Walt. [b]Mates[/b], One of the best moments in television in a long time. Spot on acting from Robert Taylor and the direction was pitch perfect. Btw thank you for all your comments this past season. Very much appreciated.

  42. snow dog

    I think the jar of notes were NEW requests since Hector passed. I don’t think Hector would have kept old notes around. Henry seeing the jar full understood there was still a real need for the service Hector provided. All the tributes proved just how many people Hector had helped and how much he was missed. I think even Henry was surprised.

    I don’t think coming in on season 3 and being lost in the story arc’s is unique to Longmire. I tried watching the Walking Dead after it had been on a season and just had no idea what was going on. I knew enough to tell me I wasn’t interested in a show about Zombies. It would be the same with a lot of other shows, coming in after several seasons. Isn’t that what Netflix, etc. are for watching things over a year old, LOL. At least cable shows have so few episodes per season it’s not hard to catch up.

  43. Elizabeth Smith

    Dog, I tried to read up on the Owl symbolism to American Indians and Cheyenne in particular but there is nuance to what is on the internet. I think Craig Johnson believes in the death symbolism because of a story he tells about seeing an owl before he heard that Tony Hillerman had died. I’m not sure how the Longmire writers see the symbolism and I hesitate to try to look for anything more complicated in it than that simple message of a death. But then it can be fun to think it about it anyway. The first time we see the owl is in the pilot. What was it a symbol of there? I felt like it represented Martha’s spirit somehow. Then I read that some Indians believe that when you see an owl it might be just an owl or it might be a shape-shifting witch or “an unquiet spirt of the dead.” Unquiet spirit of the dead resonated with me. It sounds kind of Longmirish. In the pilot was the owl Martha’s spirit whose killer needed to be found and punished?

    I’m sure I don’t remember all the times we see in owl in Longmire episodes. But the second I can think of now is in the episode “Unquiet Mind” as one of Walt’s visions on the mountain. Was it a symbol that he was at risk of dying? Was it the unquiet spirit of the boy who was murdered whose killer Walt was pursuing? The owl seemed to guide Walt to a cabin and that was essential to him surviving and going on.

    In Ashes to Ashes does the owl symbolize that Martha’s spirit is still unquiet, that Longmire doesn’t have it all figured out as completely as he thinks he does and is on the wrong track going after Nighthorse with a vengeance he feels Martha will need to forgive him of?

    Or maybe it means somebody died.

  44. Simone Smith

    [b]samanthajane[/b], Branch has been mostly a terrible law enforcement officer since season one. He has spent most of his time jumping to conclusions, excessively whining about doing his job, politicking, and getting into unnecessary conflicts with Walt. Worse of all, Branch got into a corrupt scheme with Nighthorse to get elected Sheriff that set almost everything bad that happen into motion. Branch’s true calling strikes me as a politician not a lawman. I expect that the writers will stick him back in the Sheriff’s Office though.

    [b]My other thoughts: [/b]
    I cannot imagine Cady ever getting romantically involved with Branch again. She was never that into him in the first place. When she finds out about how she was injured by his scheme with Nighthorse and his Branch’s other behavior, I expect she will be done with him. However, the writers make some odd choices so I would not be surprised if suddenly they try to write them as some great romance, but I hope that Cady gets a new love interest.

    I agree with [b]Dog[/b] that Sean should have been gone in season one and that the Gorski story was a mistake. I suspect that growing the dislike of Vic in some people in the online fandom is because she got involved with a married man. I noticed the writers tried to fix that by claiming that Vic did not know he was married, but by then of course, it was too little, too late.

    Regardless, I think that Vic is one of the few good female characters on tv. She is a far better deputy than Branch or Ferg. She is devoted to her job and justice and cares about the victims so it is not surprising that Walt is so close to Vic and has developed feelings for her. If the show gets another season and the writers are going to put them together, they need to ease them into a relationship without any more over the top obstacles.

  45. David Cranmer

    [color=rgb(0, 0, 0)] [/color][b]Dog[/b]/[b]emsA2[/b], I just read the interview where Craig Johnson says,
    [color=rgb(0, 0, 0)] [/color]”Because in the Northern Cheyenne lexicon the owls are basically messengers from the camp of the dead, they fly the hanging road, that belt of the Milky Way …” I can definitely see where the writers could have used that meaning in the Branch and Barlow ending. [b]Penny[/b], I also don’t see Cady backtracking with Branch. Not at this point.
    [color=rgb(0, 0, 0)] [/color]

  46. Elizabeth Smith

    Thanks for a place to express my pent up thoughts, lol.

    I agree with those that have commented about how it might be hard to join Longmire as a viewer Season 3 and beyond because you don’t know what is going on with the character’s stories. That’s true of most of the top TV shows though. The continuing arcs are what allow the writers to make the characters more interesting. I enjoy watching Law and Order and Criminal Minds but the characters are more one-dimensional than Longmire while the crime-of-the-week dominates. I like a balance. S3 was too much serial story. I’ve had the same problem with getting new people to get interested in Longmire, though, that [b]Dog[/b] expressed. I blame AE for that a lot. Do they have to pay Warner Horizon Televison everytime they show an episode and it costs double during prime-time or something? They run a marathon of the current season during the day on a Friday? They re-run the previous episode Sunday mornings/early afternoons? They also are weak in their other programming and it seems generally incompatible with the Longmire viewer type so they are unlikely to stumble upon it. It seems relatively invisible/ignored in the entertainment media.

    In contrast to AETV, AMC has been running Hell on Wheels episodes from ALL the previous seasons continously prior to the new season starting.

    I didn’t know Longmire existed until a few episodes in last season. It was still able to hook me so that by the end of S2 I was head over heels. I caught up some via On Demand and this year’s AE pre-season but not until I bought Season 1/2 and binge watched it (highly recommended) did I get to see ALL of the previous episodes. I read that Longmire DVD’s and Blu-Ray sell well on Amazon and elsewhere but then do those buyers find it on TV?

  47. snow dog

    It is A&E fault for poor promotion of Longmire from day 1. I’ve been watching from the beginning and after season 1 aired it wasn’t seen again until season 2 was ready to premiere 9 months later. If you tried to ask about the season 1 DVD or when it would show up on Netflix you got no answers and Netflix hadn’t even heard about it. Even Amazon who had season 1 VOD with a season pass when I asked about season 2 had no clue when/if season 2 would be available via their VOD. The Season 1 DVD didn’t come out until a year after season 1 aired and when asked about Blu-Ray version, nothing. If you wanted to promote Longmire to others in prep for season 2 your hands were tied unless you DVR’d it and had people over. The only way I stumbled on Longmire before it premiered was because of the wasteland of programming and I happened to be watching The Glades which promoted Longmire. The Glades and Longmire were both on Sunday night for season 1 of Longmire. I never watch A&E anymore, other than The Glades and Longmire.

    The biggest mistake the producers made was dealing this to A&E. It may be it’s ultimate downfall which would be a shame.

  48. Gean Gentry

    I have watched Longmire from the beginning of S1 and then I read the books. I love both of them – but had to get used to the people in the books not being the same as the people in the TV show. This is especially true of Henry Standing Bear. In the TV series, he’s Henry and LDP does a very good job with his character. In the books, he is The Bear and I don’t think that any of this season’s troubles would have happened to him! If either he or Walt had killed Beck, the body would never have been found. Cady seemed wimpy to me this year, but in her defense, she’s had a hard year. I really don’t care how Vic dresses; love Ruby and Lucian; and the Ferg is a hoot. His little fit last week was overdue, IMO. What I have missed this year is the interaction with the Rez, especially Mathias. Zahn McClarnon does a very good job with that character. I can’t help but wonder what effect Malachi’s return will have on both Mathias and the Rez next year (and there will be a NEXT year on some network! – better be.) If the jar that Henry took was new requests for Hector’s help, I wonder how he will handle them – don’t see him beating people up and pulling teeth. I hope that next year will continue the humor in the interactions with the main characters.

    I have enjoyed reading the posts on this site this year, and thank you for providing an outlet for comments and opinions. A&E had a very good section on their website last year with detailed plot summaries, lists of cast members, including even the small roles, and information about the music chosen for episodes. I noticed that they were not so obliging this year.

    Hope we are all in place again next summer!

  49. Dave Gershen

    I wish I knew more about the contractual relationship between Warner/Horizon and A&E. Warner actually films the show and sells it to A&E, as I understand it. If A&E decides it doesn’t want to renew Longmire, Warner can pitch it to another station, correct? A&E gets first right of refusal, and then any other network could work out a deal with Warner. Is this correct? And how do Baldwin/Coveney, the producers, fit into the picture in terms of ownership and clout? Any TV business experts around?

  50. Dave Gershen

    What would be the best network for “Longmire” to find a new home, assuming A&E pulls the plug?

  51. dmr412

    For basic cable, I would suggest TNT. TNT knows how to promote their shows. I am surprise that Baldwin/Coveney and Greer Shepard and others didn’t pitch Longmire to TNT as they served as executive producers/consulting producers on The Closer, Major Crimes, Rizzoli & Isles and Dallas.

  52. samanthajane

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and you all have given me a lot to think about going forward to season 4. Like some of you have mentioned, I too have been a little unclear as to why David Ridges would come after Branch with such vengence. It has to be more than just Branch being on sacred land (which turned out to be not so much), David’s religious convictions, and discovering that he was indeed still alive. I wonder if there is a deeper connection between them. So here’s something totally out of left field…maybe Ridges recently found out that he was Barlow’s bastard son/his mother had been abused and abandoned by Barlow and his hatred of Barlow and Branch led him to want them to suffer. Maybe a little to soap-operish?!!

  53. snow dog

    I don’t know details but I know the arrangement between Warner and A&E and A&E wanting more of the profits was the stumbling block last year. I think Warner held firm. Wish I knew more exact details.

    I think TNT should pick it up, put it on Monday at 10pm eastern after Major Crimes and match the number of episodes with Major Crimes. TNT has had King and Maxwell fail after Major Crimes and I think Murder in the First is a failure. Longmire gets better ratings than both. It’s shame Longmire has no help from a lead in show. Major Crimes as a lead in I bet would bring in more viewers to Longmire. Plus TNT would actually promote Longmire.

    However, I think TNT is planning another Major Crimes spinoff with Jon Tenney (Fritz) as head of LAPD Special Ops after retiring from the FBI and I bet they slot that after Major Crimes. That might be some major competition for Longmire if Longmire stays on A&E at 10pm Monday. I bet a lot of Longmire viewers watch Major Crimes. I do. But I would record the Jon Tenney spinoff and still watch Longmire.

  54. snow dog

    I think Warner Horizon produces Dallas and Rizzoli and Isles but don’t think Shepard/Robin/Baldwin/Coveny are invovled. The Closer and Major Crimes yes.

  55. Dog

    Definitely, find a new home. TNT, AMC?

  56. dmr412

    Michael M. Robin is an executive producer on Longmire and also serves as executive producer on Dallas, The Closer, Major Crimes and as consulting producer on the first two seasons of Rizzoli & Isles. With the close relationship that all the Longmire executive producers have shared with TNT, I’m surprised they took Longmire to A&E with their reputation with scripted dramas. Unless they did pitch to TNT and were rejected.

  57. CarolK

    I do not have A&E as part of my limited satellite package (cutting costs) so I watched the first two seasons of Longmire by borrowing the DVD’s from my public library.
    I watched unlocked Season 3 episodes as part of A&E channel on my Roku. Free through late August…

  58. MinnesotaJacob

    If Vic and Walt actually got romantic, the characters would seem more predictable than if Vic gets divorced and meets a new man. Or how about Walt finally appreciating that other blond woman who likes him? Haven’t seen her lately . . .

  59. David Cranmer

    MinnesotaJacob, The shows is following the lead already established by Craig Johnson’s top novels. Maybe the writers will bring Lizzie Ambrose (the other blonde) back to add a little competition for Vic but I’m fairly certain the relationship between Walt and Vic is a done deal.

  60. DrewOFB

    Ed, I neglected in my recent comment to thank you for the name of the music at the opening of “Ashes.” I like it when they use music to complement a scene, not as a substitute for dialogue or action. Elementary has a good song selection, too.
    Thanks; hope it’s a short hiatus. I didn’t know the renewal of Longmire was an issue with A&E. PBS is doing the same thing with the final three episodes of Poirot. What is it with these people?

  61. Elizabeth Smith

    I’m not sure that Walt and Vic are a done deal. In my mind, yes, but I read somewhere that TPTB (The Powers That Be, term I use when I don’t really know who has the power to make decisions for a television show) are trying to read the tea leaves and think that it is 60-40 AGAINST the VicWaltship among Longmire viewers. Reading people’s comments on Twitter, Facebook and etc. I was stunned by the anti-Vic wing. Until recently I assumed it was a given and Longmire was just working its way there nice and slow.

    I couldn’t see Lizzie for Walt. She seemed too girlie for him, half fainting violet, half stalker trying to force her way into his life. What could they possibly have in common? But then I have never seen Martha as some sweet little wife who just waved Walt off in the morning with a take care of yourself dear and went back in the house to bake a pie and do some knitting while she waited for him to come home in the evening with his supper ready for him. I can’t see that person living in the half finished cabin or driving that Casi-NO bumper-stickered car. I imagine her as a very smart and independent woman who called Walt on his sh$t (maybe even used a curse word sometimes, not as much as Vic of course), kept him in line when he needed it, loved and supported him yes but also fought against the casino even when it might have made his job difficult. I don’t know remember how much is revealed about Martha in Craig Johnson’s books besides the fact that they met very young, 20-21 and anything more is sketchy… but there are a couple novels in the series I have not read yet.

    I did LIKE the Lizzie story-arc, what it revealed about Walt and Vic, how it was part of his healing process and then how after Cady’s accident it was used to display one of Longmire’s most virtuous flaws: that overdeveloped sense of responsibility for everything that in this instance leads him to think giving in to Lizzie’s seduction led to Cady being in a coma.

    Besides, I would not want to give up that amazing scene in The Election where he just says what the hell, goes back in, throws off the hat and jacket, sweeps the table clear and proceeds to ravish Lizzie right there on it. It was a right between the eyes message to the viewers: look at this, if you didn’t get it before this is a man of huge passions who keeps them tightly reigned. That moment gave us an idea of how much this character holds himself back emotionally, as have several other powerful eruptions of Storm Walt on Longmire (office wrecking!!). For me it was also one of best “Oh my!!” moments (insert voice of Annie Savoy, Susan Sarandan’s character in Bull Durham, responding to Crash Davis’ little speech about what he believes in in matters of the heart) I’ve ever seen on TV. The kind of thing that just leaves you breathless.

  62. snow dog

    That 60/40 against Walt/Vic is a guess. Did you get that figure from the Longmire Posse group? The anti Vic, anti Walt/Vic haters and trolls are just more vocal and use any opportunity to ignite the dialog to rant about their point of view. Supporters of the Walt/Vic story arc don’t fall for it and just choose not to respond anymore as it’s become tiresome. We just let them rant. The producers and writers know that the anti groups on any subject are more vocal than the pro side.

  63. David Cranmer

    DrewOFB, you are welcome. I could buy a Longmire soundtrack like they use to release for shows like Miami Vice. Very moody and evocative musical selections on this program.

  64. Dmr412

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. To characterize some viewers as haters or trolls because they have different view about characters or storylines is a bit harsh and unfair. Are there trolls that exist online? Of course, but not all different opinions are negative, some criticisms are constructive. Also, being vocal about your feelings on a subject is the only way to convey them. I’m sure the writers have been to all the boards and taken note of viewers feelings, hence the change in the Gorski affair storyline. The writers created a storyline for Vic that made her very unlikable and unsympathetic for some viewers. In this storyline and others, they went against book canon. Not everyone has read the book series and what they know of the characters is from the tv series. Their feelings regarding certain characters may be justified. Another indication of people not liking storyline or direction ( not necessarily regarding Walt/Vic) is the decline in viewership. The finale had fewer viewers than the season premiere. This is the first time in three seasons that that has happened.

  65. CarolK

    I didn’t even realize there were people ranting about the Walt/Vic dynamics. Most of the posters here are way ahead of me in the nuances of this tv series.
    I am going to catch up on the books before a new season begins (if it does, fingers crossed) and will try to review the first two tv seasons with the comments of all in mind.

  66. snow dog

    Dmr412, I have no problem with people voicing their opinion pro or con. I concur everyone is entitled to their opinion. As you say a lot of comments are constructive criticism. I was not being harsh IMO, I will explain in a minute, and those I referred to as haters/trolls are NOT on this site. I wanted to make that clear. I however have been on sites where people are downright nasty if you express you like the Vic character, or say she has some redeeming quailties, or she is the most reliable deputy, or disagree with their opinion at all and the same people post over and over and over and over again even when the topic may not be about Vic and they have already expressed their opinion. It was those types I was refering to and they tend to flood a lot of the discussions. I myself didn’t like the Gorski storyline. I won’t get into a debate why the ratings are down as there are so many factors impacting them and I don’t think they are accurate in the first place. So as you said we all have a right to our opinion and that is mine. I just hope for a season 4 because I like the show even with whatever flaws it has.

  67. Dmr412

    Snowdogmom, we have had discussions in other forums and I have always found your opinions insightful. We both felt the same regarding the Gorski storyline and although I am not a Walt/Vic shipper, our discussions have been respectful and I appreciate that. I have unfortunately read too many threads where if you didn’t agree with the relationship or didn’t particularly like the Vic characterization, you were termed as “jealous” or a “hater”. The “for” group can also rant, just not as loudly. They rant against those with a well thought out objection, not only against those who just state they “hate Vic”. Or you get the argument “It’s in the books, so it has to happen” when the tv series had not strictly followed book canon. But as we both stated – all are entitled to their opinion. Ratings are a fact of life. It’s the most important barometer a network uses to indicate popularity. Fair or not. I have lost a lot of shows I like because of low ratings. I do hope Longmire is renewed for another season.

  68. Elizabeth Smith

    I finally thought to Google “longmire owl symbol” and found a great article from June 4, 2012 interviewing Craig Johnson.


    I was honestly surprised to read this “There is even an owl handler on the first set. …The owl is used as symbolism in the show. It’s the embodiment of Martha, the symbolism for her.” That was written when seven episodes of season 1 had been filmed. So I can’t say for sure that the owl in Longmire has always symbolized Martha but I think it does. Even in “Unquiet Mind” I slapped my forehead and said of course the owl that leads Walt to the cabin that was essential for him to survive falling in a a river in winter on the mountain was Martha.

    There is a special feature on the Longmire Season 2 DVD where the producers talk about Walt’s visions on the mountain. I need to go back and look at it to see if they talked about the owl but maybe not because it is not a vision. When Walt sees an owl he is definitely seeing a real live bird. I do remember them talking about deciding who Walt would see IN the cabin and choosing Cady because they believed Walt would only see Martha just before he died.

    I think Walt looked at that owl at the end of Ashes to Ashes with surprise and wondered why are you here when I just laid you to rest? Of course even if the owl is not a symbol someone died, it would not mean one of the two Connally’s is not dead but I do now believe that Martha’s spirit is not at rest and is trying to communicate with Walt at the end of the season 3 finale.

    By the way, the horned owl(s) they have used are really beautiful birds, don’t look onimous to me and I have always been struck by how soulful the eyes are and how they look as if they are personally connecting to Walt. Not sure if that is due to some film doctoring that is beyond my understanding.

    The other thing I found interesting in this article was that at the time it was written there was talk about trying to cast Dog and finding it really difficult. Lots more too about the Longmire books and TV show, glad I found it.

  69. David Cranmer

    Thank you for the article link, emsA2! I always enjoy learning a little more about Craig Johnson and this remarkable world he has created.

  70. Victor

    Walt lettting go of Martha was a great scene. Mr. Taylor did an excellent job in portraying grief and relief in that powerful moment. I’m going to go out on a shaky limb and say that there is the possibility Branch and Barlow did not shoot at one another. Maybe Branch shot at the clay and missed. Very slim possibility I know but I don’t see the Branch/Barlow relationship ending this way. I think the writers might go in a different direction than killing one of them off.

  71. David Cranmer

    I hope you’re right, Victor. I really enjoy Gerald McRaney’s acting and hope Barlow sticks around a bit longer. I’ve been singing the praises of Katee Sackhoff and Bailey Chase but, arguably, Taylor had the most powerful, emotional walloping of a scene in all of season three.

  72. Emeline Reed

    There seems to me to be too much left undone if Barlow is eliminated, the money trail needs both Jacob and Dad Connally before the court of law to sort Casino land interests (What Martha knew), gun for hires, shell corporations, and find the Malachi (furlow) dirty connection…powerful positions must have been utilized. What was Barlow talking to Jacob about on those survalience tapes? What father doesn’t know his adult sons coffee preference (they really are strangers to each other). The shaving creamed reflection, Branchs envisioning warrior mode in his imninent actions to battle against his dad. And Walt’s not going to kill anyone, especially not the wrong guy! Fabulous scene-entering into the morgue, the silence prior to dropping off Branch, the looks between Vic, Ferg, and Ruby, the wonderment and humor of this finale (2 shovles? In case one breaks) Henrys joyous head through the open window ride . I just loved it all and cried along with Walts throaty words. Quite a artistic creation. More please.

  73. WylieCoyote

    I’m a late arrival and haven’t read most comments, but, to answer Edward’s question as to why Ridges wanted to count Branch’s coup, I think it was because Branch got nosy after Cady’s car accident during the election. He started asking about Ridges, once he put two-n-two together.

  74. DeMaris BroadBent

    Please bring the Longmire BACK even if it re runs. Fabulous scene-entering-good dictation. Thank you. DeMaris from Tillsonburg Ontario Canada.

  75. JohnLoneWolf452003

    I tought The Red Pony was sburned down in s3.09? Why is it still functional in s3.10?

  76. rimrock

    We just started watching Longmire this year, this past May. Since we were new to the series, we watched from the beginning and got hooked ! Excellent comments !
    Great story, even with all the holes, but we thoroughly enjoyed the best of the Longmire storyline.
    Loved the S3 finale, but the best part for us is that we had a family membered contacted by the film scouts to use their older home for a filming location for one of the S4 episodes ! Here’s hoping for season 4 !!

  77. David Cranmer

    Well, friends, I have heard they cancelled Longmire.

  78. snow dog

    Quality programming takes yet another hit in favor of more trash TV. Let’s hope another network is smart enough to pick Longmire up. A&E was never the right network for Longmire. I have removed A&E from my channel lineup. They have nothing worth watching. All the new summer offerings from all the networks have been a big disappointment. Quailty program has become an endangered species.

  79. David Cranmer

    I don’t want to jinx it but I can’t see why another network wouldn’t pick the show up. I mean it was a continuing success for A&E even with a dip in the third season. Heck, it’s logging more viewers than many network shows. So Ifeel there’s a very good chance.

  80. kattie

    I hate these reality shows . if they take longmire off there is only reserection left. why f……… with a good show. look at two n half men . leave the good ones alone. this show has been great and has kept you interested with each show. Walt is great and all the cast play great off each other. lou diamond is a good actor. they deserve to stay on for several more seasons. I like syfy but this is better than the walking dead. need better shows on and get rid of reality shows they stink.

  81. Clare 2e


    Longmire’s now officially on Netflix, and it’s begun filming Season 4. So this summer, the next season will appear there!

  82. Kay Farlow

    I, for one, do NOT care for the Vic character. Anyone else, would have been perfect. She was on “24” a few seasons ago. Didn’t care for her part then, and don’t now. Can’t imagine any Deputy questioning a boss like she does. Why this and why that? Thanks for letting me vent.

  83. ems_A2

    Hey that must be why they killed off the REALLY insubordinate male deputy.

  84. Uni

    @Kay Vic’s character was most definitely not on 24. Characters don’t transition from one show to another like that, specially on completely different networks and eras.

    One of the reasons characters question the Longmore character is so the audience will have an idea of what is going on, given that Longmire is supposed to be so un-communicative. It’s a writing tactic that allows the audience understanding of the plot point.

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