Longmire Days in Pictures: Boy Howdy, Do They Love Walt in Wyoming!

Between the inspiration of Craig Johnson’s novels, hard-working locals, and enthusiastic out-of-towners, Wyoming’s Longmire Days was a heckuva party.

For the third straight summer, Buffalo, Wyoming magically transformed (with the help of one hard-working Chamber of Commerce and an incredible team of volunteers) into Durant, the Absaroka County seat, and the characters of Craig Johnson’s fictional crime series came to life as thousands of fans converged on the town of about 4,600. This is, of course, the annual Longmire Days, which occurred July 18-20, 2014.

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And for the second year, many of the stars of the A&E television show based on Johnson’s series also attended and took part in the festivities. That included: Robert Taylor (Walt Longmire), Katee Sackhoff (Vic Moretti), Adam Bartley (The Ferg), Cassidy Freeman (Cady Longmire), Zahn McClarnon (Mathias), and Louanne Stephens (Ruby).


Mathias (Zahn McClarnon) doesn’t look so wary and suspicious-minded here. His uniform must be itchy.
Friday, July 18th kicked off with an autograph session featuring Craig and all the actors, except Cassidy Freeman. (Editor’s Note: These are the very signatories to the poster in the comments sweepstakes below!) Fans from far and wide began lining up outside the old Clear Creek Elementary School before 7 a.m., when Craig Johnson pulled into the lot in the replica sheriff’s Bronco. The signing wouldn’t start until 9 a.m., but in the meantime, souvenirs were sold, people took pictures with the Bronco and chatted with fellow fans, and volunteers mingled throughout the crowd letting everyone know what to expect. There was an excitement in the early morning Durant air.

When the doors did open, the line moved slowly but consistently, and the exceptional organization made the wait fun. Volunteers and police officers struck up conversations as attendees snaked through a maze of crime scene tape. One volunteer from Colorado, returning for her second year, was amazed at the distances so many people traveled. She said, “Last year it was mainly people from the Wyoming I-25 Corridor.” This year, people traveled from states as far away as Florida, Ohio, and Tennessee, just to attend Longmire Days. 

Plenty of folks will give up their laundry for Vic (Katee Sackhoff).

In an effort to keep the lines moving, fans were limited to two items they could have signed and pictures with the actors were not allowed at this event.  While the objective was to keep things moving, Johnson and the actors were still able to chat briefly, shake hands, and share smiles while signing everything from posters to the shirts on people’s backs. The enthusiasm from both sides of the table was contagious. Eventually, the line had to be cut off, but another autograph session was held Saturday morning, and there were many other opportunities throughout the weekend for fans to snag autographs and pictures.

The actors participated in many of the weekend’s events and interacted excitedly with folks who’d traveled from all over to see them. Zahn McClarnon and Adam Bartley showed their athletic prowess on the softball field in the Cowboys vs. the Indians game, and Louanne Stephens produced a children’s show in Crazy Woman Square. That performance featured Buffalo-area kids acting out the pre-election party scene from the TV show. The weekend wrapped up with an incredible concert from Adam Bartley and his jazz band. Special kudos should be given to Robert Taylor as well, who made a valiant effort to attend every event.

Ruby (Louanne Stephens) has learned to organize things so the chickens think they rule the roost.



As the doors were closing on the signing session at Clear Creek Elementary School Friday morning, a PowWow was kicking off in Crazy Woman Square. After all, a Longmire celebration simply wouldn’t be complete without the Indians.

After a long drive, these dancers are working hard in Crazy Woman Square.

The representatives from the Cheyenne tribe had to make a bit of a trip into Buffalo, because their reservation is further away than Johnson portrays in the books. But this didn’t deter them. Dressed in handmade, beautifully-colorful regalia, signifying tribal and familial connections and history, they danced and sang. The significance behind dances and songs was shared with the audience, and at times the audience was encouraged to join in.

There was some celebrity in this event as well. One of the dancers had not only earned the coveted Miss Cheyenne title, seen in a Season 3 episode of the same name, but she had also appeared in an episode from the show’s first season.

These devoted dancers and musicians showed off their talents and shared their tribal history during each day of the weekend festivities.

Tribal musicians kept the party rolling all weekend long.



While the estimated attendance of 10,000 might have been a bit of a stretch for this year’s event, the fans were definitely in the thousands, and that didn’t seem to faze the small town of Buffalo at all.

The community as a whole embraced the celebration, posting signs in their windows, adding chalk drawings to the sidewalks, selling souvenirs, and simply welcoming all the strangers who invaded their quiet little part of the country.

To fight the heat—temps were around 90 all weekend—visitors also indulged in frozen yogurt from The Cold Dish. They could even pick up a copy of the Durant Courant to read with their morning coffee.

Revenge has never looked so welcoming…and refreshing!

The Buffalo Kiwanis hosted a pancake breakfast Saturday morning, and later that day, the Model A & Pioneer Car Club of Sheridan and Johnson Counties sponsored a car show. The Clear Creek Brewing Company featured an Absaroka Ale all weekend, and other establishments put Longmire-related specials on their menus as well. In addition to the regular restaurants, food trucks were set up in Crazy Woman Square throughout the weekend, giving visitors a chance to try ribs, snow cones, Wyoming Whiskey, and gourmet hot dogs and brats (featuring elk and buffalo meat).

The Buffalo Theater took a hiatus from their regular shows to host viewings of Longmire on their big screens all day Friday and Saturday. Then, they hosted the Q&A session on Sunday. The HF Bar Guest Ranch hosted a skeet shoot, while the Paradise Guest Ranch took the reins of the Horseback Ride. The Buffalo Golf Club held a golf outing, and the Century Club was the starting point for the Acting Outlaws Poker Run. Of course, the Busy Bee was abuzz from open to close as fans experienced the diner where Walt gets his “usual.”

Even strangers come here for the usual.

There was a bit of something for everyone, and it seemed like every business in Buffalo helped sponsor the weekend. Some events required registration and additional fees, but a visitor still had plenty to do without attending any extra events. 



Of course, none of this would exist at all without the man who started it. Craig Johnson was a constant throughout the weekend. You could see him in the audience of the children’s show. He provided color commentary for the softball game, participated in the Q&A session, and arrived early for each autograph session to chat with the fans waiting patiently.

HLike Batman, he was at the scene of every crime, but with a bigger hat and tougher vehicle.

When there wasn’t a scheduled signing or event, you could likely find him signing and talking in the Longmire headquarters. The Johnson County Library also stopped regular operation for most of Saturday to accommodate a “So You Want to Write a Mystery” discussion and autograph session with him and Robert Taylor.

Robert Taylor and Craig Johnson discuss their ubiquitous hats (and other mysteries, too).

Longmire Days garnered a great deal of attention because of the celebrities in attendance, but Buffalo, Wyoming, hasn’t forgotten who gave them their alias and their beloved fictional sheriff.  As Adam Bartley wrapped up the weekend with his jazz concert, he reminded the audience of exactly that, and Johnson was given a standing ovation.

Alter ego The Ferg may seem a bit sheltered, but Adam Bartley has wide-ranging tastes and talents.

What a wonderful salute to Walt Longmire and his crew; what a wonderful tribute to an amazing writer.

If you have the chance to attend a future Longmire Days, it’s well worth the trip. If not, don’t worry. Grab a copy of a Walt Longmire novel and you’ll be transported immediately.

All images used with permission of Jen Forbus.

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    My husband and I both enjoy your show, that is a rarity.

  133. Dawn Branaman

    Nice article, great photos and a what a nice weekend it was. Kudos to to everyone who helped things run smoothly.

  134. Jeff Quest

    Love the books and the show. Would love to make it someday!

  135. Phil Cooper

    Buffalo WY ! What a great town full of very hospitable people! My family made the drive from Oxford, Mississippi to Buffalo for all 4 Longmire Days and I must say it was the very best vacation of my 55 years. I thought Southern Hospitality was invented down south BUT after spending time in Buffalo, I now truly believe Southern Hospitality began in Wyoming. Some of the nicest people on earth. As the others have said, the actors were fabulous, spending so much of their time with us fans. Craig Johnson is the type person that each and every state in the US would love to have for its ambasador! Won’t go on and on but with certainty, we will be back next year to visit our adopted State of Wyoming!! Thanks Buffalo!!!!

  136. Karen Mikusak

    Would love to win!

  137. Barry Hamilton

    Wish I had been there!

  138. Iris Harbert

    What a wonderful write up. I am looking forward to next years’s event.

  139. Carrie Leatherman

    Going to make my husband take me next year. I am DYING to see Wyoming. Thank you JenForbus for your article. Thank you Craig Johnson for being such a fantastic author! Can’t get enough Longmire!

  140. Jeannine Bryant

    I am so glad that I started watching Longmire when it first premiered. I LOVE the show and have since begun reading the books by Mr Johnson. I must say, I love the books, too! I would really enjoy attending the Longmire Days and hope I am able to. This looks like an extremely fun event for fans, locals, & cast. Thank you for this excellent write up.

  141. Sally Schmidt

    I knew we should have retired in Wyoming! Love Longmire – print and television. Sounds like a good vacation event for next year.

  142. Steve Scott

    Well, we missed (Darn!) Season One, but have been watching ever since. Going to have to see if there’s a DVD set out. This series has made me want to read the books. They sound like they may be worthy of a place alongside my Tony Hillerman series.

  143. Joyce Bauman

    Thank you JenForbus for your article. My husband and I attended Longmire Days this year and really enjoyed it. The community, Craig Johnson and all the actors were so friendly and it was fun to be a part of it. Having met the actors gives you a whole new perspective when watching the show.
    One slight hitch in our weekend: We called to inform the motel that we would be arriving late on Friday night. What a shock and surprise to find that they had closed the motel! We had [u]called[/u] the reservation line about 3 months in advance to be sure we had a room for the weekend! In visiting with a local at the Busy Bee on Sunday morning, we were informed that the motel had closed 2 or 3 years ago!!!
    We have met Craig Johnson several times and enjoy the stories he tells. We felt it was awesome that he walked through the lines of people waiting for autographs and visited with them.

  144. Laura Ferradino

    I grew up in northern Wyoming in the 50’s-60’s, mostly lived in Sheridan. I have read every one of Craig Johnson’s books, some of them twice. He takes me home again…I love Wyoming, and I love Walt Longmire!

  145. Saundra K. Warren

    I love this show, wished it lasted alot longer than it does! The books are great too!

  146. Debbie Eurom

    Great article–I’ve loved Wyoming since first visiting Yellowstone as a kid, and absolutely love Craig Johnson’s writing and the series. This is a rare instance where I hardly ever mind where the visual representation varies from the books (although I miss Dog). I never want it to end!!!

  147. Shelly York

    I am so hooked on Longmire.

  148. Joy Isley

    This is my favorite show on television. All of the characters are great. They prove the theory that you can’t keep a good man (or woman) down!
    The scenery is awesome, the acting believable, and the stoy lines interesting. Hope it continues for a long time.

  149. Jennifer Vandenberg

    Okay, I’m going next year. I just finished Hell is Empty and I’m suffering Walt Longmire withdrawal. Good thing I have the next book already in my Kindle. I’m sure the best way to keep the withdrawal at bay is to plan to attend Longmire Days next year. It is on my calendar and I’m buying my cowboy hat. A big thanks to everyone who brings this remarkable world to life and to Craig Johnson for dreaming it all up in the first place.

  150. Karen Hooker

    From the first chapter of “The Cold Dish” I was hooked on Craig Johnson’s awesome writing and the characters he created. Both have only gotten better through the years and evolving into the series has been just wonderful. My daughter came from Montana and I came up from Cheyenne to meet for Longmire Days. It was well worth our saving money for a year to be at this event. Craig and his lovely wife Judy are such warm, wonderful and funny people to know. They have not been changed by fame & fortune and how awesome is that? Every winter (which can be long in Wyoming) I re-read each book in order to stay “connected” with his marvelous characters until spring brings new stories & shows. Thanks to everyone who makes Longmire Days possible!

  151. mary collard

    I love this series, the TV program but especially the books. Wish I could have been at the celebration. Looks like it was a great time.

  152. Pat Goodsom

    Love the books, Craig is a master on the page and in person. 1st Longmire Days this year, we will be back. Thanks Ferg and Vic for leading the bike run. Ferg, you can keep my marker…gotta get Walt to sign my hat next time.

  153. Dennis and Donna Jackson

    Had a great time in Durant this year. Hope the show gets renewed and we will see everyone again next year.

  154. Joseph Saxon

    Everything about the books and the show, makes you want to live in Durant. It reminds us of when we used to believe in more.

  155. John Lowrey

    Nice story, had no idea this was a thing. Thanks!!

  156. Jim Belcher

    Not much into autographs, but this looks like a place to be. Got to get it on my calendar.

  157. Kristine Hall

    This looks like such a blast for fans! My 80-year-old dad recently discovered the Longmire books, and no lie, downloaded ALL of them on his iPad. I told him about the festival and sent your article to him and he loved it. Thanks for sharing and for the give away!

  158. Denise Sachs

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  159. Lara Maynard

    What a fun time! Good luck all for the Longmire sweepstakes — especially me!

  160. Jeanne Ringland

    About a month ago a friend was raving on Facebook about the Longmire tv series, so we watched the first one and then I thought, “This is based on a book, or series of books!” I downloaded the first one to my eReader, and then I downloaded all I could find as well as the short story collections.
    The tv series is excellent, the actors have really captured the characters from the written page, but the books are even better. I realize that’s mainly because you can’t recreate some of the things from the books on the screen, but the bonus is that when I read the books I hear and see the actors doing the things described on the page, and when I watch the series I just know that Vic is swearing up a storm just out of our hearing. In the books she uses the “f” word very effectively to express a wide range of emotions, sort of the way some people use “dude”, but better.

  161. Christina Roberts

    I hope to attend one year and make it part of a vacation to that part of the country. Love the show and it would be fun to see the town portrayed in the show/books.

  162. Christi Loper

    Love Walt and Henry Standing Bear in particular, but all the other guys are great too.

  163. MJ Martin

    Longmire Days was GREAT! Drove 24 hrs round trip and it was worth every minute of it! The cast were most gracious in singing autographs. There were 10 yr olds to 80 yr olds there. Of course my fave was The Ferg! Lots of free things to do: Pow-pow, softball game, street dance. Kids would love it to . Buffalo is a fun little western town with the beautiful Big Horn mountains surrounding it. Everyone is friendly and happy. I highly recommend Longmire Days to fans of the show!

  164. Lynell Cash

    My husband got me into watching the TV show and I love watching it. Haven’t read the books yet. We attended Longmire Days this year. It was a lot of fun!

  165. Victoria Hunt

    I have loved Craig Johnson since A COLD DISH!!! Wished I lived closer! Love the books….love the series!!! Great article!

  166. Victoria Pueschel

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    Blocking out vacation time for next year. And the year after and.. let’s hope the show is renewed for many years to come!

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    Sorry we missed it. Maybe next year!

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  174. Barbara Lima

    I love Longmire, I see why it’s so popular with regular people like us.

  175. Kathy Fannon

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  176. Cindi Hoppes

    Oh, I how I wish how could have been an attendee, at Longmire
    Days… It won’t stop me from being a big fan of the show, though!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and discussion with us…

  177. Sandra Boggs

    Great article. Really wish I had been able to attend Longmire Days.

  178. Jen Staben

    I wished I had been able to attend BEFORE I read this piece and now I really wish I had been able to go. Next year, a road trip to Wyoming may be in order.

  179. stitchkat

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  182. mrs spumoni

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    Note to self: say “Boy Howdy” more often.

    And make it to Buffalo at the earliest Longmirean opportunity.

  183. Shelia Bumgarner

    I am over the moon for Craig Johnson and the success of the Longmire mystery series. The television show is good, and the cast is great, but I am partial to the books. Longmire Days has a lot going for it: meeting Craig, the cast of Longmire, baseball, jazz, a real Indian Pow Wow set in beautiful Wyoming. May its success be long.

  184. karen bowman

    Absolutely love Longmire! Excellent series.

  185. tina pettit

    love love love longmire -books and show. when will we know if the series has been renewed for a 4th season?!?!? I’ve had to limit myself to the books so they won’t run out too soon!!! can’tget enough!

  186. Rocky

    I am a big fan of Craig Johnson’s books and Longmire. I was able to attend Longmire Days this year and really enjoyed it. It was great meeting the actors, getting their autographs and having Mr. Johnson sign my book. I took alot of pictures that day and I hope that I get to attend Longmire Days again next year.

  187. Karen Terry

    This is one of my favorite shows. I watched it since it has been on air. I like Longmire but also like Vic. She is very strong and don’t take any stuff.

  188. Clifford Aspinall

    Moving to Buffalo in two months – can’t wait to come next year!

  189. Dena Ruonavaara

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  190. Clifford Aspinall

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  191. Dena Ruonavaara

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  192. Brenda Hansen

    What a great time we had. Kudos to all involved. Wyoming hospitality is the best!

  193. Heather Martin

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  199. Betty Breier

    Great article by my favorite blogger, Jen Forbus. I started reading Craig Johnson’s series because of her recommendation. I love the books and really enjoy the TV show. Hope to make it to this event in the future.

  200. L L

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  201. Kimberly Hilbert

    This is very cool, I do wish I would have known about it earlier. I’ll have to mark my calendar for next year.

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    Reminds me of the good ole days of Wagon Train, Bonanza…

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  206. Mike Weisberg

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  208. marti kastner

    Traveling 16 hours to Buffalo, Wyoming for Longmire Days was a highlight of a lifetime. There was enjoyment in steping back to enjoy life without a Walmart or Menards but rather the Busy Bee, Occidental Hotel/Saloon, Cold Dish, Big Horn Hotel, and good folks of Buffalo. But then we also have the man from Ucross – Craig Johnson who made it all happen with his talented style of writing and then A&E picking up on good television watching plus being part of the Longmire Days also. A Longmire Fan for Life. (-:

  209. Jen Forbus

    Boy oh boy. I wish I would have known so many of you were there, we could have corrdinated a CE meet-up! I am glad many of you were able to experience it, too.

    Someone asked about finding out when next year’s is. I’m sure Craig will announce it on his Facebook page and website, but you can also follow the [url=https://www.facebook.com/buffalowyochamber]Buffalo Chamber on Facebook[/url], I’m sure they’ll announce when dates are set for 2015.

    And no, Dog was not in attendance, but he was discussed…and Adam Bartley brought his dog, Virgil, with him!

  210. James Stang

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  220. Jodi Lovell

    Awesome weekend with a kind and down to earth cast. They all were so friendly and appreciative of the fans. I plan on making making more of the festivitiesnext year. Thank you to all of the volunteers for making this a wonderful Wyoming experience for all.

  221. Susan Robinette

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  222. Jenny Moses

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  224. Jennifer I

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  225. Tallulah

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  230. JULES M.

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  231. Mina Gerhart

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    Thanks for the cool contest 8D

    Mindy 🙂

  232. babs allen

    I’ve been trying to stay away from Longmire on the internet to avoid spoilers for this season. Mondays this summer have been hectic, so I’ve been having to catch the reruns. It sounds like the town has a lot of fun during filming. 🙂 Would love to win.

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  234. Samantha Cox

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  241. Barbara Ryan

    I plan to visit WY next summer. I am planning to read the series before I come. After reading about the
    the annual [url=http://www.buffalowyo.com/longmire.html]Longmire Days[/url], I will add this event and town to my plans.

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  245. alena svetelska

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    I love the Longmire show. I would love to win.

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  256. Donald Hornbaker

    I would love to attend one of these events in the future if they continue. I am thrilled that Netflix has picked up Longmire!!! I would like to win this swag.

  257. Pat Murphy

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  258. Lin Miller

    I hope to make it to Longmire Days one day soon. It looks like great fun and it is awesome the way the actors have embraced the event. I can’t wait for the new episodes in the fall.

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