Longmire 6:10, Series Finale: “Goodbye Is Always Implied” Episode Review

Crow Medicine Woman Marilyn Yarlott (Tantoo Cardinal) visits Longmire (Robert Taylor) with a tempting offer: to take him to Malachi Strand (Graham Greene). She compares Malachi to a Japanese bark beetle spreading, killing everything.

Malachi and his hoods have been hiding out on the Crow Reservation. At first, she had a profitable arrangement selling them deer and elk—until Malachi compared the bullets that killed his men to a slug he found in an elk, which proved she saved Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips). With her camp burned to the ground, she’s hiding out from Malachi and is now willing to lead Longmire to eradicate the invasive species.

She guides him onto the Crow Reservation and is shot. Longmire returns fire, killing the lone security watching that section of the perimeter. The sheriff transports Marilyn to the hospital where she dies from her injuries.

Vic (Kate Sackhoff) doesn't take the news well that Longmire could have been killed. She warns him, “I don't think you understand. I cannot lose you.” They are sitting on the bench outside the office, and Longmire is moved by her love for him. She has already lost her baby saving his life, and losing him is not an option. Walt Longmire is a closed-off Gary Cooper-type, but the way he's rubbing his hands on his thighs—that look—signifies a big change is coming.

Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez) is on a “sinking ship” and is trying his damnedest to salvage whatever part of his business, the Four Arrows casino, and his reputation that he can. Knowing Henry has the respect of the Native Americans that he lacks, Nighthorse is practically begging him to take over the daily grind of running the casino. “If this place goes down, a lot of people will suffer,” Nighthorse laments.

He's hoping his transparency with Henry will lead to Standing Bear using his clout to smooth things over with the public. However, before Henry has a chance to decide, both him and Nighthorse are whisked away from the premises by Nighthorse's two bodyguards when an unruly mob protesting the casino mogul's activities gets too close for comfort. Safety is short-lived because one of the bodyguards—Brian, who’s secretly working for Malachi—shoots the other one and takes Nighthorse and Henry to Malachi, who deadpans, “My two favorite people in one place. Yeah, we got a lot of catching up to do.”

Later, after beating them to a bloody pulp, Malachi makes his intentions known that he plans on taking over the Four Arrows. To do this, he makes Nighthorse film himself confessing that he betrayed his people, adding that to set things right, he's turning ownership over to Malachi.

All this is happening on the southeast corner of the Crow Reservation, and in true TV-land fashion—especially since this is the final episode—all the clues come together a little too conveniently, enabling Longmire and Mathias (Zahn McClarnon) to lead their officers on a well-executed raid of Malachi's operations. Henry has already escaped using an old but apparently still useful “come a little closer” trope, turning the tables on one of his captors. Nighthorse is not so lucky. As he's being lynched by a chain, Longmire—in that fracture of a mind's eye—considers all the times Nighthorse has been a thorn in his side, all the evil that had gone before, but it ends with the recent memory of Nighthorse saving his goose in the courtroom. Longmire rescues a grateful Jacob Nighthorse.

The last episode of Longmire was thrilling, poignant, and beautifully measured—and no more so than in the tense, final showdown. Malachi's vehicle is headed straight at Longmire as the sheriff levels a shotgun and peppers the windshield. Vic watches in anguish, her greatest fear about to be realized, when she springs forward and shoves Longmire out of the way as the vehicle thunders past, ramming a pile of logs.

Playing possum, Malachi manages to knife Longmire in the gut when Longmire opens the door to see if he's alive. Longmire pulls his handgun, triggering several rounds into the menacing thug's chest and bringing Malachi's rein to an end. A most rewarding conclusion to a storyline that, at times, became maudlin—though Graham Greene's performance was always right on note, delivering just the required amount of condescending sneer. This is how you say goodbye to the bad guy.

I've groaned time and again at the kindergarten puppy love antics of Longmire and Vic, but from the moment they kissed in this episode to both of them lounging on the front porch with Vic cradled in his arms—what can I say, it works. Not so sure I bought Longmire retiring and Cady (Cassidy Freeman) running for sheriff, but the final image of Walt Longmire in a happy place brought immense satisfaction to this viewer. In other closures, we see Henry threading his way through the casino, now running it like a modern day Bogart in Casablanca. Zach is back in the department where he belongs, and The Ferg on his way to make things right with Meg. 

A superb ending that begs the question: any movies in Longmire's future? One would hope the cowboy has not ridden off into the sunset for good.

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David Cranmer is the publisher and editor of BEAT to a PULP. Latest books from this indie powerhouse include the alternate history novella Leviathan and sci-fi adventure Pale Mars. David lives in New York with his wife and daughter.


  1. Holly S.

    Felt the same way about Longmire’s last episode. Would even watch Kady. Hopefully a movie…something.
    Happy Holidays.

  2. Peete G

    The end of the beginning or the beginning of the end…
    Hang on Jaspir, we’re headin’ for the Re-Runs…
    Surely there will be a Standing Bear / Mathias / Reservation / Casino / ??? spin-off… weshallsee…
    Regardless, we can all be better in our own Walt Longmire way…
    Happy Trails to YOU, until we meet again…!

    • Lulu

      I want to see Standing Bear again!!! And Vic and Walt have a baby.

  3. Sande

    Great cast that worked well together and were very believable! I will miss the show and l’m hoping that a boxed set comes out soon as it’s one of the few shows that l’d watch again and again!!!

  4. Ann Calles

    I enjoyed the show, but I lost interest when it Walt and Vic having feelings for each other. Walt is old enough to be her father and that is a big turn off. So I hope it doesn’t come back. Really looking at an old man with someone as young as Vic was a joke.

    • Mitch

      Perfect ending to a good story! Thank you Netflix for picking it up and providing entertainment.

    • MARIKA

      Well obviously you are very young and have not a clue about men! Some women prefer a REAL MAN to immature BOYS who just cannot keep it in their pants. So good luck!

    • Lisa

      Agreed! The previous episode with her dad only emphasized the age gap! That whole puppy-love thing was just too much! As was the rather extended sex scene!

      • Louise

        Plus Vic is a slut.

    • Tracy D Fannin

      Well I really enjoy my young wife. Better than being married to some old bag.

  5. James Young

    Loved the series! Being picked up by Netflix allowed me to binge watch till my heart’s content. (3-4 episodes a night) I thought the cast was amazing in how they just “fit” together. Also the quality of the acting was great. The only issue I had was the ending. Seemed to quickly tie up everything that unfolded over 6 seasons in a single episode! Made it feel thrown together. In my opinion, I would have liked to see all the loose ends tied up a tiny bit slower 😛

    I would love to see Cady performing Walt’s role as Sheriff and would love to see Walt being occasionally integrated much the way Lucien was. There is still a LOT more that could be done with this series! It’s a shame we couldn’t enjoy a couple more seasons, but will never regret watching. I may even check into the books by Craig Johnson 😉

    • Cat Walters

      I totally agree with your review and your ideas for future shows.

  6. Paul Anderson

    I also enjoyed the series and especially the “good/bad” natives like Nighthorse and Mathias – I (a white guy) felt the conditions and mindsets of the natives were well portrayed, not “politically correct” but honest. I liked them most of all the cast although I liked the entire cast as well.

    It was a “feel-good” ending that, while perhaps not entirely realistic, was satisfying. I’m glad that the protagonists all seemed to come to a hopeful place after very difficult times.

  7. Mary B

    I hope in the near future you will continue with Longmire Series. My son and I would watch it on Netflix.

  8. Cat walters

    Loved the series, the setting, the slowly unraveling twists. But the idea of Walt and Vic together is horrible and misconstrued as presented in TV series. Totally outside of Walt’s character, as he was more attracted to someone his own age (Donna) and expresses the value that he waits until marriage for sex. He is constant, stable, predictable. Those are the traits that attract Vic, who is opposite- impulsive, sexually unrestrained, and young. Maybe she transfers feelings for her father to him, but just as she is the aggressor when she kisses an unresponsive Walt in the hospital, the sexual attraction is all hers. Walt, a fatherly figure, cares for her as a daughter. I’d never want them together! The ending, with him cradling her as a parent would his child, reinforces that. If there is ever a movie, either Vic needs to be older and more mature in her actions or Donna needs to Re-enter the scene. Please.

    • D

      Totally agree. I was always waiting and hoping for Walt,as the portrayed older and wiser one, to in the end take her aside and explain he sees her as he does his daughter Cady. I honestly fast forwarded thru that sex scene as I started getting nauseous at that point. Disappointed that Walt ended up putting aside his morales and sleeping with his employee.

      • Donna

        We are watching the series now. During the series I never saw any romantic chemistry between Vic and Walt. I felt it more father figure no more. I’m disappointed it ending this way.

    • Dave sabine

      We like the series but it got more preposterous as it drew to an end. Nighthorse never committed any crime that we know. The heroin was addressed to him but that was a Malachi thing. Nighthorse didn’t embezzle anything, he owned the casino. If bail was 1 million he could have posted it thru a bail bondsman with 100K down, he didn’t need to use a million anyway. Why would he borrow from the Boston mob if he had an extra 1 million lying around? Longmire and Vic are a terrible match, she is looking for a Daddy and who knows what he is looking for, he already has dropped two real good age appropriate girl friends. If Walt cares for Cady why would he want her to be sheriff, a job that he knows from personal experience to be life threatening. Court room/legal so far from reality. So glad this is over.

  9. Nini

    What happened to Nighthorse after Walt saves him in the barn?

  10. Larry

    Just happened to stumble upon this and was totally drawn in. Really really good series. Good actors one and all. Awesome scenery especially outside walt’s cabin. Thank you Netflix for allowing us to see more episodes. And I’ve already warned my wife that I’m getting a poster
    : )

  11. Steve T Lynch

    Loved Longmire, just loved it. The best TV series for me in a long time, hate that it got canceled, and did not like the way they did the last season, seem like they crammed everything they could into every episode and the last episode was horrid, what would never fall for Vic, she was bat poop nuts

  12. Signa

    Perfect ending to a good story! Thank you Netflix for picking it up and providing entertainment. I enjoyed all of the Native Americans who had a part. I wish our Government would do more for them. Hope to see all of the actors in another series.

  13. Bruce Hagen

    Longmire series is like (and is) a great story you can’t put down. My wife and I looked forward to every episode. Would love to see it as a Netflix movie or a New continuing series.

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  24. Hinchman

    Hate that Longmire and Vic end up together. I really dislike her.

    • Sally

      boo….Walt and Vic is great.

  25. Sally

    Loved Longmire and wish it could continue !
    Another writer that Netflix and\or A&E should check out is C J BOX…..he’s a great writer of stories about Wyoming staring protagonist Joe Pickett…..Game Warden and his friend Nate Romanski

  26. Annette Reed

    My husband and I just finished watching the whole Longmire Series. What an absolutely wonderful show. We could not wait to watch it. We would watch 3-4 episodes every night. The acting was just amazing. There was not a disappointing episode. The chemistry of everyone was so good. I especially loved the relationship of Walt and Henry. We loved the show and we both hated to see it end. I just wanted to savory every episode. I actually was thrilled that Walt & Vic got together. This is too bad that the show was cancelled. It truly was one of the best TV shows of all time.

  27. David Kaminsky

    Just finished this wonderfully entertaining show. Six seasons flew by thanks to the superb writing and beautiful acting talents of everyone involved. I saw the love that Walt and Vic had for each other from the moment I laid eyes of them. Yes, it might have been inappropriate due to the age gap, but the reason Walt could never commit to the other two women he was involved with was because of the love he knew he had for Vic, and of course the undying love and respect he would always have for Martha and Cady. I truly hope Netflix can gather these people together for just a few more tales.

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    My husband and I just finished watching the whole Longmire Series. What an absolutely wonderful show. We could not wait to watch it. We would watch 3-4 episodes every night. The acting was just amazing. There was not a disappointing episode. The chemistry of everyone was so good. I especially loved the relationship of Walt and Henry. We loved the show and we both hated to see it end. I just wanted to savory every episode. I actually was thrilled that Walt & Vic got together. This is too bad that the show was cancelled. It truly was one of the best TV shows of all time.

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