When Your Heart Stops Beating, You’ll Keep Tweeting

That's the official tagline of a recently launched Twitter app.

To be clear, you’re not creating or scheduling them in advance—heck no, that’s old horse-and-buggy stuff. Via MSN.com, I learned the very latest thing is using artificial intelligence (A.I.) to mine a user’s tweets for verbiage and subject matter, thereby making the computer able to construct plausible post-mortem quips. Then, for as long as you like, it can tweet as a dead, digital version of you. How very satisfying knowing that your #coffeestainoftheday or *facepalms* will go on.

This unusual legacy is assembled on your behalf courtesy of _LIVESON, which calls itself “your social afterlife,” if social means something like confabbing with a solar calculator or an aphorism generator. However, they’ll even let you assign someone as digital executor, presumably a human, who’s got the good sense authority to shut the service off.

For me, you could probably just auto-tweet pirate insults every other day and save the drag on Haley Joel Osment’s CPU.


  1. Laura K. Curtis

    This is just…wrong. Completely, utterly, thoroughly wrong.

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