Listen to the First Episode of the New “True Crime” Podcast, The Girls

Sadie is the propulsive new YA book from Courtney Summers about a missing girl on a journey of revenge and a Serial-like podcast following the clues she’s left behind. Half of the book is told from Sadie’s perspective, while the other half is told through podcast transcripts. Now, Macmillan Podcasts has created The Girls based on those podcast transcripts!

While the “true crime” story is entirely fictional, The Girls follows the typical true crime format, with interviews, testimonials, and a narrator who becomes obsessed with the details of the case. Told over six weekly episodes, The Girls is the perfect way to get your true crime fix before reading Summers’s breakout novel, Sadie!

Listen to Episode 1 below, then head over to iTunes for more!

Read about why Courtney Summers thinks it’s important to remember the victims of true crime & learn how to win a copy of Sadie!

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  1. Briall

    Thamk for thi interesting episode. It makes more than I expected and I’d like to post my thoughts on And who else think of about this episode? It will be great to share our impressions

  2. William

    It`s a cool book, I read it some week ago

  3. Francisco Darrell

    good comment bro

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