Like Stealing Candy from… “Gumball Bandit” Steals Large Gumball Machine from Sacramento Animal Shelter

Apparently, it’s easier to steal candy from a baby than it is from puppies and kittens. A man in Sacramento, CA, broke into a local animal shelter by busting a small window near the door and attempting to steal a large gumball machine, ostensibly for the collection of quarters contained inside. Unfortunately for him, the small hole he made in the window to get in wasn’t large enough for the large gumball machine. But the determined “Gumball Bandit” was not deterred.

That is until the glass in the machine broke, spilling gumballs all over the floor like a Home Alone movie. When he finally realized he wasn’t getting out the way he came in, he managed to remember that most buildings have more than one door. He took his bubblegum booty through a door in the back, tossed it over a barbed-wire fence, and escaped.

In response, the City of Sacramento's Front Street Animal Shelter shared the security footage on their Facebook, kindly pointing out the donation box full of cash the perp derp managed to overlook. Seriously, of all the things to steal from all the places in the world…

Watch footage of the “Gumball Bandit”!


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