Law & Order: UK’s Lessons in British Justice

Just saw this from a newsletter link from Sisters in Crime (thanks, gals!)  It’s a very funny lesson in “British Justice” from the folks at BBC America, who want us not to be concerned that the imported Law & Order: UK might be too foreign.  Watch this crash course— you’re ready for your A-levels!


  1. Terrie Farley Moran

    I discovered Law and Order UK on BBC America a few months ago and watched about six episodes. I absolutely loved it, especially the distictions between the British and America legal systems. I look forward to more episodes. And this video is just brilliant!

  2. Robert K. Lewis

    You know, I’ve heard SO many good things about this show, I’m thinking I’m going to have to give it a shot.

  3. Helen

    On a point of order – “knackers” = testicles while “knickers” = pants. He says knackers, not knickers. You’ll find that sentence makes a bit more sense now!

  4. Usaman

    The character with the Irish name is usually the villain so it’s become very predictable.

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