K.I.T.T. Has Not Become the Knight Industries Tween TruLuv

Please, stop breathing exhaust fumes, it's going to be okay. Justin Bieber isn't really the new KITT of Knight Rider, well, not exactly. Yes, he filmed scenes for a movie at Venice Beach last week with David Hasselhoff, once crime-fighter Michael Knight. And yes, he is, apparently, doing the voice of the car, but…

The movie they were working on is a comedy, working titles Killing Hasselhoff and Celebrity Death Pool. Via Inquisitr, it's about a “desperate nightclub owner who embarks on a plan to pay off his massive debt with a loan shark by attempting to win the club’s celebrity [death] pool with the help of a hit man.”

Tweets from the set indicate Justin's part is very brief—it would have to be with only one day of filming. Upon considering the Beebs as KITT, the interweeb's strangled cries of Nooooooooo (music to any PR person's ears) lasted far longer than the “20 seconds” of screen time promised by screenwriter Peter Hoare. Currently, the bit is set to be a closing credit bonus, even if it feels more like it's just boning those of us who don't prefer to see every single bit of our pasts in worse, regurgitated forms.


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