Killer Cutters: Ninjabread vs. Gingerdead

Gingerbread Dead Men Cookie Cutters
Dem bones, dem bones never tasted so good!
As soon as one of our tweeps alerted us to these fabulous GingerDead Man cookie cutters, we knew we had to share them with you. Now, me, the only Gingerdead Man I’d heard of up until this point was a ridiculous (and I mean ridiculous) horror movie of the same title starring Garey Busey as, you guessed it, a deranged gingerbread man possessed by the soul of a ruthless killer. I was quite relieved to see that these cutters just imprinted skeleton bones, not Gary Busey’s face, on the cookies. 

Gingerdead Man
See what I mean? Would you want that face on your cookies? Not exactly appetizing, is it?

Ninjabread men
Ninjabread Men, kicking hunger’s butt!
No, much better to stick with the skeletons. Or, if bones really aren’t your thing, or if you don’t feel like making icing, perhaps you should just go with the Ninjabread Men instead.  No imprinting at all, but they’ll satisfy your cookie cutter cravings with deadly precision.

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