Kid Pulls Gun on Girl for Her Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are good. Chicken nuggets are tasty. Chicken nuggets sustain life. They also seem to turn little kids into armor robbers.

According to NBC, a 12-year-old male student allegedly pulled out a gun on a classmate and demanded her chicken nuggets. Yes, you read that correctly. And apparently this was his second attempt at obtaining a nugget from the girl after she had refused to give up her golden treat.

The young lad apparently followed her into a train station, then promptly pulled out the gun from his pocket and pointed it at her head and demanded a McNugget again. The girl was not going to give up her little delicious treat, so she swatted the gun and told the boy to leave her and her nugget alone. Daaamn—nothing will get in the way of this girl and her nuggets!

After the smack-down, she just hopped on the train like nothing had happened and went on her merry way with all her nuggets still in tow. She also told authorities what went down.

The boy was later picked up by Police and taken into custody—nuggetless.

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