Justified 6.10: “Trust”

Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder Joelle Carter as Ava Crowder, Jere Burns as Wynn Duffy, Justin Welborn as Carl
Boyd Crowder, Wynn Duffy, and Carl plot their heist, as Ava looks on.

Raise your hand if you were expecting that ending? Anyone? Anyone? But before we get there, a lot of other things happened in “Trust,”Episode 6.10 of Justified.

First of all, we open with Katherine Hale (Mary Steenburgen) very angry and yelling at Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns) about the fact that Boyd (Walton Goggins) nearly blew her up at the pizza parlor. Wynn tells Katherine up front that he’s the one who gave Boyd the idea that Avery (Sam Elliott) was planning to move his money — and he speaks loudly and clearly for the benefit of Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) and Tim (Jacob Pitts) who are listening in on this conversation. After he finishes with Katherine, Wynn makes a plea to stop being a CI, but he’s not getting out of this hole so easily: Raylan says they’re giving Wynn a chance to make up for Boyd’s screw-up in not getting arrested while stealing Avery’s money.

Mykelti Williamson as Ellstin Limehouse
Mykelti Williamson as Ellstin Limehouse
Meanwhile, Boyd and Ava (Joelle Carter) are drinking at the Crowder bar when Limehouse (Mykelti Williamson) shows up. He and Ava trade some barbs about that time when Limehouse sold Ava out to Boyd which led to her being afraid Boyd would kill her and also killed her chances as a CI. Boyd ends the growing hostilities by taking Limehouse off to talk forged documents and other fun stuff like that. Boyd is still a bit chastened by his near death experience, but not enough to avoid trying to cheat Limehouse by offering him $50,000 for both Ava’s and Boyd’s fake passports. Limehouse wasn’t born yesterday, though, and knows Boyd got $100,000 in reward money from Avery, money which he, Limehouse, intends to have in full. He tells Boyd that he’s helping Boyd and Ava run away on one condition: that once gone, Boyd never, ever, ever returns to Harlan.

Ava, who’s still at the bar, noticed the bloodstained alligator-tooth necklace that once belonged to Dewey Crowe hanging over the bar where Errol had left it. She takes it, I guess on the principle that it may come in handy at some point.

Meanwhile, Raylan and Tim go visit Avery Markham at a local diner. Boon (Jonathan Tucker), Avery’s new pet psycho henchman, takes umbrage at the fact that the “manager”of the diner is wearing some kind of Western hat, even though he’s probably never saddled a horse. Boon tries to rope Raylan in on his rant, but Raylan refuses to be coopted and says Boon is overestimating how much he has in common with Raylan. (As a side note, I guess since “Back to the Beginning” is a big theme of this season, Raylan is wearing HIS hat a lot more than I remember in the past few seasons.)

When Avery comes out, Raylan and Tim tell him about how Katherine is passing along information to Boyd. Their attempt to sow the seeds of doubt in Avery bears fruit, because after the Marshals leave, Avery calls Katherine and sure enough, just as Raylan had warned Avery, Katherine almost immediately asks about Avery’s plans to move his money. Avery tells Katherine the money is going to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Wynn, Boyd, Ava, and Carl go over a plan to steal the money just before the truck reaches the Kentucky border with Virginia. Wynn later shares this plan with Raylan, as Mike (Jonathan Kowalski) looks on disapprovingly. Wynn tells Mikey to put his big boy pants on.

Raylan and Tim survey the dummy truck they’ve set up but Raylan thinks Boyd’s too smart to fall for this fake plan. Everyone is faking out everyone else: Avery isn’t really moving his money to Charlotte, and the plan is that Boyd will be arrested when he tries to rob that dummy truck.

As Carl (Justin Welborn) packs for his trip to Virginia, Ava asks whether there’s any way Zachariah (Jeff Fahey) could have survived the explosion in the mine. Carl wants to know why she’s interested, and she fakes an answer about how Zachariah might go after Boyd a second time.

Well, speak of the devil: Boyd comes in and tells Ava to go home and get the paperwork Limehouse is having done for them. He says he’ll be in contact, though he already knows there’s no money on the truck. Ava is holding Dewey’s necklace through all of this, and as soon as Boyd leaves, she pulls out her Raylan Phone to tell him that Boyd knows there’s no money on the truck.

Raylan passes along the information that Boyd knows there’s no money on the truck to Rachel (Erica Tazel) and Vasquez (Rick Gomez). Rachel sends Tim out after Carl and Errol, while Raylan is ordered to stay with the Ava angle.

At her hotel in Lexington, Katherine comes out of her bathroom and sees Boyd waiting for her, gun in hand. Boyd tells her he’s finally found a way to get at the money.

Avery is talking to some crazy-looking lady who turns out to be Loretta’s great-aunt (K Callan) who is, as might be expected considering her great-niece, both pretty hilarious and stubborn. She calls Markham “a no-account peckerwood” and refuses to pressure Loretta into selling her land to Avery Markham (and also refuses herself, should Loretta be killed by Avery). So of course, Avery sends Boon in to kill her. Man, I hate these guys! Raylan, please take them down too!

Boyd calls Avery from Katherine’s phone and threatens her life unless Avery meets him with the money. He also tells Avery to come alone which frees up for room for psycho Boon to party!

Mikey is still worried about the fact that Wynn is a snitch; he’s also figured out that this is nothing new and tells Wynn he knows that he’s the person who gave up Grady Hale. Wynn insults Mikey one too many times, and Mikey bonks Wynn’s head off the table and then handcuffs him to a desk. How have the mighty fallen!! Then Mikey calls Katherine’s phone and tells her about Wynn, though at the moment, Boyd has Katherine’s phone.

As they wait for Avery to turn up, Katherine threatens Boyd with her vengeance if he chooses to carry out this plan of his. (But Boyd will have a lot more money in the bank than Katherine probably will at that point.)

Somewhere near Virginia, Carl and Errol are arrested by the U.S. Marshals, and it turns out Raylan was right — Boyd isn’t anywhere near these two.

What if he never left?

Raylan drives up to Ava’s house, where she’s got the papers Limehouse had done for her. Their passports read Mr. and Mrs. Ofay, which is Limehouse’s idea of a joke (and it is pretty funny!) Rylan tells Ava the bad news that Vasquez is planning to pull the plug on her CI gig and send her back to prison. Ava tells Raylan that Boyd just called to tell her their meeting place and the whereabouts of all the money. Rylan regretfully says it’s not enough to keep Ava out of prison.

“What if we get him for murder?” Ava asks.

“Whose murder?” Rylan asks, puzzled. When Ava explains, he has to tell her that it’s not enough, that they have no body, no witnesses, and no weapon.

Ava asks whether a confession wouldn’t do just as well as the stuff Raylan’s talking about, and Raylan is too stunned to say anything.

I sure hope there are witnesses when Boon eventually shoots himself in the foot. Or just gets a really hard blow to the head. He’s a horrible bullying toady, as we see in the next scene, which takes place in the same lounge where Tim and Raylan interrupted Avery Markham not long ago. Boon talks about Loretta (Kaitlyn Dever) as though she were already his giflfriend (yes, that is every bit as creepy as it sounds) as he intimidates the diner manager into giving up his cowboy hat. Then propositions the young waitress who is really just trying to study. He asks her if she’s got anything worth taking, ignoring her obvious revulsion towards him. Maybe he'll end up in a slurry pit somewhere!

Raylan is disbelieving that Ava can get Boyd to confess, but Ava professes confidence in her feminine wiles. She asks Raylan if he ever wonders what might have happened if he hadn’t left. These are dangerous waters, so Raylan doesn't want to go there, saying that he wants to trust Ava, but just can’t.

Up in the woods, Avery shows up with some money from the vault in a big duffel bag, to effect Katherine’s release and Boyd’s transformation into a very rich man. Before he drives away, Boyd decides he needs to taunt Avery one last time, because just before he drives away, he tells Avery that ripping off the money was all Katherine’s idea in revenge for his having Gray Hale murdered.

Boyd drives away euphorically screaming at the top of his lungs, while Avery asks whether Katherine believes he had Grady killed, and Katherine says she doesn’t any longer. She asks “what happens now?” and Avery has kind of an evil grin on his face. There may be a slurry pit in Katherine’s near future.

Boyd calls Ava who shows up at their meeting point. Ava has Boyd move the money from his pickup into her car, and then shoots Boyd in the shoulder, not wasting any time or effort on this “confession”business. Rylan barks at her to drop the gun, but Ava, correctly judging that Raylan is unlikely to shoot a woman, especially someone like her, with whom he has a past, manages to drive away with the money and on the road to freedom. You go, Ava! And get as far as you can from Harlan!

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    you’ll never leave Harlen alive


    Just curious. I have watched the series multiple times. Mr. And Mrs O’Fay is supposed to be a joke by Limehouse but for the life of me I cant figure out the joke.


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