Jumping Beans Cause Bomb Scare

A report of a “ticking” package phoned in Saturday by a postal worker in Carlsbad, California turned out to be something no one would have expected.

When the package was opened, the feared bomb turned out to be nothing more than some infamous Mexican “jumping beans.”

“At 3:19 p.m., Carlsbad Police and Fire departments received a call from a U.S. Postal Service driver of a suspicious package in the 3600 block of Glen Ave.,” Carlsbad Police Lt. Greg Koran said. “The San Diego Sheriff's Bomb/Arson Unit responded and determined the package was safe. No one was injured and no property was damaged.”

So how long did it take the San Diego Sheriff's Bomb/Arson Unit to figure out what was inside? Three hours!

Fun fact: Mexican jumping beans are hard-shell pods with larva of a tiny moth growing inside. When they are exposed to heat, the pods begin to “jump”.


  1. Cait's Carnivores

    We’re sorry for any concern that our big scary beans caused. RIP Beans!! & Idk about the “no property was damaged part”, our package was blown up by a robot with a water cannon. ;D

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