July 4th Jailbird: Guy Fowlkes’ Explosive Temper

FireworksThat’s not a misspelling, just a bizarre confluence, or perhaps, destiny.

Other than America’s own Independence Day displays, another notable occasion for flammable festivities is Guy Fawkes’ Day, commemorating the Gunpowder plot of November, 1605. 

From what we read courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel, it seems that renegade and disgruntled fireworks-tent employee Guy Fowlkes blew his cool and began setting off the merchandise at other employees. During his outburst, he even stuffed a couple of fireworks—no word as to whether they were TNTs, Great Grizzlies, or Megabangers—with lit fuses into a nearby gas tank.  Police were alerted and arrived shortly, having had no trouble finding the place.

Despite his fateful, fiery namesake, Guy Fowlkes will likely be compelled to spend a quiet July 4th this year.  May yours be safe and a lot more fun!

Image via bayasaa.


  1. Terrie Farley Moran

    This is too funny to be true (the story isn’t funny–the name coincidence is) and yet there it is in the Orlando Sentinel for all the world to confirm. I hope Bill Crider and Leigh Lundin don’t miss this.

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