Judges Won’t Let a Girl Be Dazzling!

Image: Caters News Agency
Image: Caters News Agency
Inspired by the reality show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, a 22-year-old woman used nail glue to bling her name onto the ankle monitor (in the U.K. called a curfew tag) she’d been assigned to wear for three months after fighting outside a nightclub. She says the security firm attaching the tag told her she could decorate it as she pleased, but when she had to get a new one after a move, there was a bunch of small-minded blah blah about the dozens of diamantes affecting the tag’s performance, and the company dimed her out to the judge. Who appointed them fashion police? The judge agreed that she’d “compromised the integrity” of the device and fined her for it. If by compromising, the court meant making life a little more fabulous for everyone crossing her path, agreed! Why won’t the h8ers in the justice system allow a girl to be dazzling?!

Via The Daily Mail.

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