Jeremy Renner will be the King of Heists

Via Geek Tyrant, we learn that Jeremy Renner is co-producing and starring in an upcoming film about a bankrobber who, in 1878, formed a crew to steal almost $3 million in cash and securities from the Manhattan Savings Institution.  The film will be based upon the non-fiction account under the same title written by J. North Conway.  We don’t think we should blame the tortuous Hurt Locker for Renner’s wounded moral compass and greed.  Must’ve been The Town that corrupted him.

Composite image via Geek Tyrant.


  1. Guy

    [url=]Jeremy Renner [/url]has rich past ofwounded moral compass. What’s robbing a bank comparing to mass [url=]murder and canibalism[/url]…

  2. Christopher Morgan

    Don’t forget [url=]bomb disposal[/url] and [url=]zombie killing[/url]… Then there was the buisness with betraying his SWAT team…

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