Jason Segel to Write Children’s Adventure Book Series

Get ready for the pats on the back, Jason Segel!
Get ready for the pats on the back, Jason Segel!

Many people have heard the name Jason Segel attached to movies and Television, especially after his original song for The Muppets movie won an Oscar. However, Segel is about to become a triple threat as he turns his skill as a screenwriter to a different sort of writing—children’s books. 

Segel will be writing a series of children's adventure books, published through Random Kids. The series, Nightmares!, will be focus on a group of children trying to save their neighborhood from fear. While Segel has traditionally taken more adult tone in his writing of such movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Five Year Engagement, in recent years he’s started penning more kid-friendly ideas such as The Muppets

Will you try this new middle-grade adventure series or leave it for the kids?

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