It’s Sir Ian McKellen’s Turn: Can There Be Too Much Sherlock Holmes?

This is the first official image released of Sir Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming film A Slight Trick of the Mind. Slated to premiere sometime in 2015, this is the first glimpse we've seen from the film.

Adapted from Mitch Cullin's book of the same name, the story centers on a 93-year-old Holmes as he keeps himself busy with beekeeping, writing in his journal, and trying to come to grips with his diminishing mind. The film will also star Laura Linney and is to be directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, The Fifth Estate).

What do you think about A Slight Trick of the Mind? Do you love Sherlock so much that your thirst is unquenchable? Or is it getting to the point where he's joined Vampires and Abraham Lincoln at the top of today's oversaturated topic list? Join the discussion in the comments!


  1. Nanci Rathbun

    If a Sherlock story is true to the oeuvre, it’s got me! I don’t care if it’s rewritten for contemporary times (Sherlock BBC series) or if it imagines Holmes as an older man or married (Laurie R. King’s Mary Russell series is a favorite), as long as the essential character of Holmes is maintained. Otherwise, it’s simply borrowing the name without fulfilling the promise.

  2. Teddy P

    I am just shocked he took the role given how many other recent Sherlock movies/shows have been made. They must have offered him a mega-boat-load of money… or maybe he always wanted to be Sherlock.

  3. Joe Brosnan

    I think for Ian McKellan the opportunity to play Sherlock Holmes is one he didn’t want to pass up. An older, aged Holmes could be a refreshing twist, but I’m just worried we’re at the top of a steep and slippery slope.

  4. Tom Pitts

    “Pre-awarness” is a big buzzword in Hollywood these days. Sherlock is one of those properties that gets greenlit because they think it may work on the global market. Big star, proven brand.
    As for my own taste in Holmes, I think this one appeals to me. I like the twist and McKellen gets the big bucks for a reason–he’s got skills.

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