Is Your Boss A Psychopath?

Montgomery Burns, the classic psychopathic boss
Just in time to welcome you back to work after whatever summer or Labor Day vacation you managed to squeeze in comes this news:  1 in 25 bosses is a psychopath.  As Lois Karlin explained to us back at the beginning of summer, there are so many narcissists among us these days that the American Psychiatric Association has decided the label is no longer useful enough to merit inclusion in their diagnostic manual.

That doesn’t mean your boss is less of a self-centered, manipulative, lying, cruel dictator, just that those traits are no longer considered “abnormal” in a clinical sense. 

If, however, he’s also conscienceless, callous and cold, you might be working for a psychopath.


  1. Laura K. Curtis

    My boss is definitely a psychopath.


  2. Clare 2e

    You shouldn’t talk that way about Christopher!

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