Is This What They Mean by Unlimited Calling?

We didn’t know Ingrid Susanne Meyer of Cologne, Germany, but we’re betting she was the sort of gal who used to tell her family and friends: “I just can’t live without my cellphone.” And so, when she passed, they made sure she’d always stay connected to the people she loved and they buried her beneath a gravestone in the shape of a cellphone. 

But she’s not the only one!

Guy Akrish, who died in a car accident at age 17, is buried in Ashkelon, Israel, beneath a flip phone grave marker.  (It was the height of technological innovation at the time. If he were alive today, no doubt Guy would be packing a smartphone.)

Gravestones around the world now carry QR codes that link to videos and websites about the deceased.

And then there are the many people who choose (or whose relatives choose for them) to be buried with their cellphones in their coffins.

We are experiencing a disconnect. Would someone please tell us how many minutes are required to last through eternity?

Photo by Thorsten Benkel from an article in Spiegel Online.


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