If You See Something…

Spyglasses, complete with remote control
Who’s watching you?

Here in NYC, the Transit Authority has adopted the slogan: “If you see something, say something.” That is, if you notice someone leaving a bag or package on a bus or train, tell the cops as it may contain a bomb or the like.  But there’s something else people leave behind that may also be far more than it first appears.

On any given day, you can walk by the numerous outdoor cafés in New York City and see sunglasses lying on tables, apparently abandoned by forgetful owners.

But perhaps those sunglasses serve a more sinister purpose. Perhaps they are there to spy on the couple at the next table, to capture not only their words, like common a tape recorder, but even their actions.  New HD video cameras are so small that perfectly unassuming sunglasses may be recording your every move. And they are operated by remote control, so the owner doesn’t even have to be present.

So next time you’re in Starbucks having a conversation with an international arms dealer, be sure to check the surrounding tables for “forgotten” glasses before you get down to business.

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