Identity Theft and Other Nefarious Deeds of a Stock Image

Do you know this face?
Do you know this face?
The stock image used in the reveal of the new New York State License might seem a little…familiar…to people. We're thinking when New York picked “Brenna Murphy”, they should have done a more thorough background check on her. According to her very own Tumblr (maintained by Jason Feifer), she's held several careers (outside of random stock image lady)—she's been a doctor, a real estate agent, an insurance agent…she models for book covers and she's not too proud to admit to having had some cosmetic surgery! But obviously she can't have licenses in all of these places and careers, looking exactly the same, taking on different identities. We're very suspicious…

Much like the Newspaper Woman featured in several Hollywood props, the New York State License Lady has gained some infamy for how much she gets around. But it got us to wondering, would she make a good match for Florida Man, or is she just another face in the crowd?

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