“I Couldn’t Live Without You,” Or The Worst Way to Propose to Someone

Russian man fakes death to propose to girlfriend. Ah, young love!
Ah, young love!
Nothing says “I love you” like faking your own death. Or at least that’s what a Russian man thought when he proposed to his girlfriend.

Alexsey Bykov proposed to his girlfriend with a grand gesture—hiring a movie director, make-up artist, and stuntman to help him fake a fatal car accident. Bykov said he wanted his girlfriend, Irena Kolokov, to realize what life would be like without him. Bykov told Kolokov to meet him at a location, when she arrived she found mangled cars, and Bykov sprawled on the ground, covered in blood. Shortly after she started sobbing, Bykov popped up, seemingly “back from the dead.” According to a Daily News article on the event, Kolokov forgave Bykov and said yes:

“I was so cross,” she said. “I almost killed him again, but for real this time.”

The Walking Dead Season 3: This is how a real man handles a car crash...
This is how a real man handles a car crash…
At Crime HQ, this scenario would have played out a little differently. When a man is seemingly dead and then magically “comes back to life” we don’t wait around for a marriage proposal. No, we grab the nearest object and sever the connection to the brain by any means necessary.

We’d follow the rules like any good Walking Dead vet: shoot first, ask questions later. AMC’s release of The Walking Dead season 3 poster couldn’t be more timely as it shows Rick Grimes on top of a crashed bus. Now that’s how you handle a car crash . . .


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