How Stella Got His Friend’s Back: Man Drinks 20 Pints of Stella, Sticks Up for Friend, Bites Man on Leg

I often get hungry when I drink, but I’m happy to report that I’ve never tried to bite another man’s leg.

In Hull—a port city in East Yorkshire, England—a man was “heavy in the drink” when he got into an altercation with a bus driver that led to him fighting with security and biting a man’s leg. According to Metro UK, Anthony Anderson, 43, admitted to drinking 20 pints of Stella Artois before getting into an altercation that he claims was started because he was sticking up for his friend who was getting picked on. After security guards escorted him off the bus, Anderson and one guard wrestled to the ground, where Anderson bit the man on the leg and punched him in the face.

Anderson admitted to assault and received an eight-week prison sentence as well as various fines.