How Not To Get a Second Date

Yeah, he looks trustworthy.
Yeah, he looks trustworthy.
More from the annals of Florida’s bad date-night crime.  First, there was the guy who apparently tried to abscond with the dinner he hoped to make for his date, now there some guy steals his date’s rental car while they are at the movies. Apparently, Michael Pratt and Sarah Bush went to the movies. Pratt claimed he needed to get something from the car, took the keys, and left the theater. He never returned. When the movie was over, Sarah’s car was gone.

When she called Pratt, he left no doubt about the whereabouts of her wheels: “Ha ha I stole your car,” he said, according to a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office report.

The real question is, would you give a guy who looked like this your phone number, let alone your car keys?

[Mug shot and story via The Smoking Gun]

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