How About The Malfeasance Occasional (The M.O.)?

The physical offices of CrimeHQ and the staff thereof are almost all in the NYC Metro area, with the fortunate exception of our social media maven, Jen Forbus, who is wo-manning those feeds as usual.  (Let’s not forget the silver lining of having to hunker down and stay put. Top #hurricanereads, anyone?) Currently, our usual facilities won't be accessible until Friday at the earliest, not to mention what we may find when we arrive and all that may be necessary to be seriously back to business as usual.

We had promised to respond to all the story submissions today, but obviously, that’s being delayed. We tried to respond to some submissions in advance as possible, but if you haven’t heard about your submission, and don’t hear today either, please fret not, it’s still under consideration. We'll chisel away on responses as we can and ask your patience.

At 100 days, this project always had an ambitious schedule, and it does involve many behind-the-scenes people in the larger organization and their coordinated efforts, many more than just the staff at CrimeHQ. These colleagues are all personally and professionally affected as well. Our schedule just didn't have enough padding to deal with ordinary delays plus the mockery of Mother Nature’s red-headed stepchild, Sandy, and her two unnamed accomplices.

We will post revised information and timelines as soon as we can. In the meanwhile, we have pre-produced spanking-new blog content that has been spooling out on the front page and which will continue to do so.

As always, we appreciate your visits, your comments, and your story submissions. And if you’re one of the millions impacted by this storm, we wish you very safe and well!

Update (11/29) We've added more detail at the original Malfeasance Occasional annoucement post, which has the guidelines and original timeline. Though we don't haveour new dates confirmed yet, we believe we'll be back on the rails imminently, and will have a new pub date as well as a list of contributors and stories to share very soon! Thanks again for your patience.


  1. Terrie Farley Moran

    I shall spread the word. I hope all our CE buddies are back in action soon.

  2. Chris Irvin

    Hope everyone at CE is okay. Hit hard by winds in Boston but spared from the worst of the storm.

  3. N.Mamatas

    Good luck, East Coasters!

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