House on fire? Batman and Captain America to the Rescue!

Elseworlds featuring Captain America and BatmanSure, there are some would-be superhero 20-somethings that patrol the mean streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but do they save lives? That's what Captain America and Batman do, save ungrateful lives from fiery death.  Recently in Milton, West Virginia, two men dressed as Captain America and Batman were entertaining the community's vets and children at the American Legion post, when folks started to come in talking about seeing smoke.

Knowing that where there is smoke, there is more than often fire, the Caped Crusader and the First Avenger sprang into action. They found a burning home and rushed inside to see if anyone needed help. They heard something, but were unable to see anything for all the smoke. So John Buckland, aka The Batman, asked his friend and ally Captain America Troy Marcum to grab a rock and open a couple of windows. 

Buckland ran back into the home after a bit of the smoke cleared and started feeling around till he found something furry. Says Buckland “I don't care what it is. I don't care if it's a Chia pet. It's coming out. So I grab it, run out the door with it, put it in the yard. And I'll be if it wasn't a cat.”

Seeing that the cat had inhaled a lot of smoke, Buckland proceeded to give the small animal mouth-to-mouth. That's right, a grown man, dressed as Batman, saved a cat from a burning house and resuscitated it with CPR.  We at Criminal Element find that quite admirable, if not a little surreal. However, the cat, being a cat, objected to the strange man's lips and “freaked out” by hissing and clawing at its rescuers.

When EMTs arrived and asked that Buckland remove his mask to receive some oxygen, Buckland swore the onlooking neighborhood children to secrecy concerning Batman's identity. Being as humble as one would expect from a hero, he had this to say at a local baseball game:

“I don't think we did anything anybody else wouldn't have done. Fortunately, I had some really cool clothes on to do it with, and it actually helped cause the heat really didn't get to me that bad.”

Hear, hear guys.

h/t Blastr

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