Holmes Coping with Alzheimers Comedy Sketch: Depressing?

If you are a fan of British comedy, which tends to be more focused on literary references and word play, you may already find yourself a fan of BBC’s That Mitchell and Webb Look. The sketch that ended Series 4 portrays Dr. John Watson on a visit to a nursing home to see a geriatric Holmes coping with Alzheimers. The bit that really got to me was (not, the Chinaman line, and yes, we do get quite a bit of the Fu Manchu syndrome even in the modernized Sherlock) but the moment when Holmes refers to Watson by his first name. “I know, John. I do know. I can’t get the fog to clear . . . ”

Really, it’s too sad to watch.


  1. Naomi Sachs

    I agree. They act so poignantly and well in this scene. I was astonished at how every time i’ve seen it, it makes me cry. Very moving.

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