Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Goes Gangster

At Criminal Element, we like our memes. We also happen to like Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad, so what’s a Crime HQ agent to do but make our own “Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling” memes, of course! We’re big fedora fans, and the new Gangster Squad trailer is filled with ’em. Plus we’re loving the story behind the real Gangster Squad, too. Between now and the movie’s September release, we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with looking at the delectable Mr. Gosling.

So are these lines working on you? Give us your best “Hey Girl, . . .” lines in the comments.


  1. Deborah Lacy

    Hey Girl, The feds may be after me, but I am after you…

  2. Laura K. Curtis

    LOL! Deborah, that’s an excellent one, too. All these made me giggle madle.

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