Hemlock Grove 2.03: “Luna Rea”

What’s creepier than a deserted RV?
What? WHAT?! Okay, stop and rewind! She’s not dead?!

Christina Wendell (played last season by Freya Tingley) just rose from the dead, but as a vargulf, and Shelley (now played in close-up by Madeline Martin—Shelley's physiognomy is played by Michael Andreae) is back and on the run! I hoped we’d see Shelley soon. I’ve been dying to know what happened to her and where she’s been. Why isn’t Christina dead? I thought Shelley killed her, but maybe the vargulf can survive independently? Either way, I’m pretty sure she’s dead now.

Fighting the undead takes strength.

Peter (Landon Liboiron) found his way to GONE SIS, or Wagoneer Oasis, and ran right into Roman (Bill Skarsgård). The dream-sharing continues, but Roman still doesn’t want to talk to Peter. I can’t say I blame him, but people are dying, so I hope they get over it. I’m looking forward to their eventual reunion. Peter’s anger is a bit misplaced, though. Roman has every right to be upset: Peter ditched him when he needed him the most, then shows up begging for money instead of apologizing. Peter’s mad at himself, and Roman happens to be an easy scapegoat. Add that to worry about his mother, and well…

Sure, boss…whatever you say…of course.
Our two bumbling drug dealers are caught out on a bad deal. They sort of remind me of Breaking Bad’s Skinny Pete and Badger. Their boss, though; this guy is seriously crazy. If Elmer Fudd was a drug lord with a penchant for powdered milk and pig slaughter, he’d be this guy. Look at that hat. These guys take a backseat to our murderers, but I definitely see retribution in the future.

Shelley’s been hiding out in an abandoned house, and she’s made friends with a little boy. She’s grown up since last we saw her. We caught a glimpse of it last season, but the facial prosthetics for this character are extremely impressive, covering the majority of her head and half her face, and I love how the monster eye tracks with her normal eye. It adds believability to the character. We also get to see her hands, which are just gnarly. Sorry, Shelley, but I can’t begin to imagine how Dr. Pryce built you that body.

Awfully nosy, aren’t you, for a guy who doesn’t care?
Finally! Miranda (Madeline Brewer) says what we’ve all been thinking (okay, what I’ve been thinking) regarding the tension between Peter and Roman. I’m liking Miranda so far. Her character isn’t set as the “love interest”or the “victim,” but as someone with autonomy. She makes her own decisions and feels genuine. If she was intended as a victim of the masked guys, do they know she’s not dead?

He may be the sheriff, but he’s got boss trouble, too.
Looks like the weird, religious monster hunting gang, the Order of the Dragon, is back, too. Olivia skinned the Order's Clementine Chasseur alive last season, then Dr. Pryce smothered her as a mercy killing. Clementine’s brother, Michael (Demore Barnes) has been sent by the Bishop (Philip Craig) to avenge her death, and turns out, he’s the new sheriff of Hemlock Grove. It appears The Order of the Dragon has yet another connection to The White Tower, one I didn’t expect. I think I need to draw a map to keep up with the rolling plot twists.

This is my Why Do I Bother face, Olivia.
Speaking of Olivia (Famke Janssen), it seems a bit of her upir nature is returning. Marie (Laurie Fortier) shows up to forgive Olivia for, you know, sleeping with her husband for ten years, but Olivia’s snarky, unapologetic attitude provokes Marie onto the defensive. Is anyone else wondering why the bathroom is upstairs in a rehab center where Olivia was receiving therapy for her leg? Whatever, just don’t look in the tub.

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