Hemlock Grove, Season 2: Binge Watch with Us All Weekend Long!

Are you ready to devour all ten episodes of the second season of Hemlock Grove, produced by Eli Roth, based upon the novel by Brian McGreevy? We sure hope you are, because we're going to watch them all, starting… now!

Look for 2 episodes tonight, 4 more on Saturday, and the big wrap-up with 4 more on Sunday. If you’re binging along with us and our Mistress of Eyeballs Meghan Schuler, feel free to leave your reactions and guesses in the comments. And if you’re not, well, why not?

Not caught up on Season 1 of Hemlock Grove? We've got a primer for that.

We can't promise to be completely spoiler-free, especially as we get down to
the finale, so read at your own risk, but we will bury all the crucial stuff below the jumps. And you can always check our feature page for all the episodes!

Without further ado, let's head back to the Grove!

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