He’ll Eat Your…Cookies?

Zombie Cookie Jar
You’re not so scary, now are you, Mr. Zombie?
Turn about's fair game when it comes to zombies. Recently we found this gem for the zombie-lovers in your life (or for yourself!) and it seems it's only fair that if the zombies will try to eat your brains that you should crack open this guy's head and grab a cookie. Personally, we think we wouldn't be quite as intimidated by zombies if we knew that inside a zombies head was not brains but cookies!

And if you're missing Merle, you can just print out a picture of his face and paste it on this bad boy!


  1. Dorothy Hayes

    I don’t know that zombies are cute, but the cookie jar sure is. I pretty much live a zombie free existance and don’t really understand the popularity of the walking dead, but then I’m from the stoneage, I guess. We ran from zombies when we were kids. They were horror films and we didn’t get served a daily dose of them and you can be sure that nobody would dream of crafting a zombie cookie jar!

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