Have You Seen This Woman?: A Slow News Day for Movie Prop

Journalists always prefer a little murder and mayhem to liven up the headlines. But recently while sifting through the Internet, a user pointed out that the same newspaper had been used in a lot of TV shows, so far dating back 22 years. Looking through forums, we saw that we weren’t the only ones trying to figure out the mystery of the woman whose face kept appearing in episode after episode. To date, we’ve found her pictured in Modern Family, Married, With Children… (Ed O’Neill, a star of both shows has been reading the same paper for almost 20 years…), Dallas, No Country for Old Men, and so many more TV shows and films.

Have you seen this woman?

Hat tip to Metapicture, which brought this little gem to our attention!


  1. Nicholas Winter

    Ok, I’ll bite. Is there a prop designer who has been on all these shows and movies? Is there a central repository one can order prop newspapers from?

    I think the text is the same as well..

  2. TheOccultHand

    I’d guess an in-joke between prop designers, similar to the occult hand in-joke among journalists:

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