Have You Seen This Clown?

Beep Beep!
Beep Beep!
If you live in Northampton, England, you likely have. A man dressed as a clown (pictured above) has been walking around the town and creeping out residents. Some people believe it's all an elaborate scheme for a haunted house in the town, but the clown him(or her)self has come out on social media to deny that. It doesn't help to lessen its creepiness factor that the person behind the paint uses the catchphrase “Beep, Beep,” made famous by Stephen King's own creepy clown Pennywise in IT.

Never fear citizens of Northampton, Boris the Clown Catcher says he'll help catch the Northampton Clown.


  1. Saundra Peck

    My worst NIGHTMARE…. I have always hated clowns, and never thought they could be funny—even as a kid they just creeped me out! Like Raggedy Ann and Andy!!!

  2. Clare 2e

    That’s hilarious! I don’t adore clowns, but you even carry it to the painted faces of Raggedy Ann? I loved her and Andy and never thought of them as creepy and clown-esqu, but now that you mention it…

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