Hark! A Vagrant: The Case of the Two Watsons

The Two Watsons CartoonWe’re big fans of Holmes and Watson, and we know you are, too. Through the years, Holmes has had many incarnations, but Watson perhaps even more. And not all of them are equally apropos. Hmmm, do we smell a post coming on? Anyway, when we saw this cartoon from Kate Beaton at Hark! A Vagrant, we knew we had to share it.

Kate has great takes on all kinds of things from history and literature, so if you enjoy that sort of thing (and who doesn’t?), we recommend both her site and her book (which contains yet more Sherlock hilarity).

Cartoon ©2011 Kate Beaton, used with permission.


  1. Jordan Foster

    I have this print for my apartment.

  2. Clare 2e

    Not surprised- not even a bit!

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