Happy Thanksreading!: Where will you sit at the Minotaur Thanksgiving Feast?

Why talk politics with relatives or nervously count calories this Thanksgiving when several new paperbacks from Minotaur Books are within arm's reach? Read the profiles to figure out where you sit at this table, and we'll provide a hearty recommendation to help you put your sofa time to good use!

The Centerpiece Designer Murder at the Brightwell

You have an eye for detail, and it shows in your tastefully-done table setting. Unwind after all of your hard work and enjoy the elegant details of this 1930's murder mystery featuring the stylish Amory Ames and her posh set.

The Waistband ExpanderKill ‘Em With Cayenne

Second helpings lead right to thirds and fourths when you feast—and your passion for food extends well beyond the Thanksgiving table. Gorge yourself on this recipe-packed yet light-on-the-palate whodunit.


The Pickup Game OrganizerCairo Affair

After stuffing your face , you get the kids together for a rowdy game of football and burn those calories. You are a man or woman of activity (the cerebral as well as the physical), and like your books to be the same.  


The Binge WatcherLies that Bind

You’d much rather spend the day absorbed in a gripping series than yawning through questions about your social life.  You and Maeve Conlon have a lot in common. Bond with her in this binge-worthy series.


The Black Friday ShopperWant You Dead

 You love savings, and saving lives. The white-knuckle tension of your local mall this weekend has nothing on the challenges facing top cop Roy Grace as he races through Brighton, England, picking up clues that will lead him to a killer. 


The Leftover InnovatorFrozen Dead

One thing that shouldn’t be frozen is Thanksgiving leftovers. You find new and inventive ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers that will not be boring. Keep the thrills coming with a spine-tingling novel.  

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