Happy Birthday to . . . Ewww.

Heart Cake by Debbie Does Cakes
Our hearts yearn for you.
You know we love cake. And you know we love twisted. So when we spied Twisted Cakes, the new book by Oakland, California, cake designer Debbie Goard we knew we’d encountered a woman after our own hearts.

Since 2005, her company Debbie Does Cakes has been providing folks in the Bay Area with gorgeous—and sometimes gory—custom-decorated art cakes, like the Anatomical Heart cake she made for a bride and groom (red velvet cake with red cream cheese frosting, natch) and the Chicken Leg with Maggots inspired by Poltergeist.

Chicken Leg with Maggots by Debbie Does Cakes

Her new book contains recipes and instructions for a whole slew of bizarre baked goods including a Voodoo Doll, a Two-headed Piglet, and of course a Creepy Clown. Deeelish!

Images used with permission from Debbie Does Cake's Flickr stream

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