Happy 4th Anniversary to Us!

Flowers and fruit are what's traditional, so for the site's 4th anniversary, we can't imagine anything nicer than rotting watermelon skulls, via artist Dimitri Tsykalov, who we've featured before with his amazing meat gun, and who has much more coolness at his site.

Skull Collection, 2008/ Dimitri Tsykalov

Our very first post at CriminalElement, squeaking in under the wire on the evening of April 22, 2011, was an excerpt from the Edgar-winning The Janissary Tree by Jason Goodwin. Then, we loaded in plenty more, so that we had thirty posts by the end of the first week. As of today, we've shared over 700 posts on new releases as Fresh Meat, almost 600 posts on TV Crime, hundreds of Sweepstakes (not all at the same time), and almost 900 of these pithy little items we call Morning Coffee. We couldn't have—and wouldn't have—done it without you, the fellow crime fans who visit, comment, and write for us!

Thanks to you all!

(And by the way, if you're planning early for our 5th anniversary, the traditional gift is wood. We think this carved skull-pture by artist Anthony Santella would look perfect at HQ. Just sayin'.)

Transformation Mask/ Anthony Santella


  1. CarolK

    Sincere thanks and congratulations to you on this milestone. I always find something interesting in your posts and love the “Fresh Meat” which gives me an opportunity to find some new reading material. The discussions about TV crime are very interesting. Keep up the good work and you’ll be certain to get a wooden gift.

  2. Albert Tucher

    My morning routine: Did I shave? Check. Do I have pants on? Check. Did I read CE? Never miss it.


  3. Clare 2e

    Thanks for the very kind words, @CarolK @AlTucher!

    As flattered as we are to be part of your daily routine, please never fear visiting en deshabille. We also appreciate the pants-less : )

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