Hangover Helper

Booze in an IVProbably for as long as people have been distilling various substances into booze, they’ve been arguing about how to best cure the resulting hangovers. Hair of the dog? Greasy eggs and bacon? Aspirin and water? Sports drinks and protein?

Now, Hangover Heaven, a service in Las Vegas (of course), says they have the answer . . . and they’ll bring it to you. For a mere $150, they’ll come to your hotel room (or you can ride on their bus) and they’ll insert an IV into your arm through which they’ll give you fluids and vitamins which will, according to their website, “give you the necessary treatment to continue the party or just get back to your normal self.”

It won’t, however, change the fact that you somehow managed to get married while you were drunk. That you’ll have to deal with yourself.


  1. Jennifer Proffitt

    I feel a little better knowing the founder is an actual doctor, or so he says. I’m not going to let just any yahoo stick a needle in my arm. I’m suspicious…

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