Guy Orders TV, Gets Assault Weapon

Seth Horvitz with his gun
Umm…that’s not what I ordered.
You know how it goes. You order a sandwich with mustard and pickles and you get one with mayo and onions instead. In a somewhat more dangerous twist on the same theme, DCist reports that

Seth Horvitz, a Northeast D.C. resident, thought he had ordered a new high-definition television a few days ago through from a third-party merchant. When the package arrived yesterday, however, Horvitz opened the oddly shaped box to find something completely different.

A very big gun.

Instead of the flat-panel TV he had bought to enjoy with his wife, who is pregnant, Horvitz opened the long packaging to discover a Sig Sauer SIG716, a high-caliber, semi-automatic assault rifle capable of mowing down, well, just about anything.

Um, yeah. That’s a problem. Especially since such things are illegal in D.C., so Horvitz couldn’t return it, he had to call the police.

Back when I was in college, if you ordered certain combinations of toppings on your pizza, the delivery guy would bring pot to your house. (And no, it’s not an urban legend, the delivery guy was a friend of mine, and he’d only do it for regular customers.) Maybe if you order a certain size TV from this merchant, you get an assault rifle instead?

Image via @dhcole


  1. Weston Ochse

    Just a precious story of boy meets internet, boy orders televion and boy get assault rifle. It’ll be a picture book for preschoolers real soon.


    Thanks for sharing.

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