Great People, Awful Pictures from ThrillerFest!

Before tonight’s International Thriller Awards (which we’ll live-tweet @crimehq), we thought we’d rush to share some collected pix. This is only a small, very unscientific sampling of the thriller authors present. We jumped in early before the rest of the signing hour crowds, but didn’t want to flash anyone in the face or rudely interrupt any conversations with fans. So enjoy, if you’re able and if you dare! Not all the pictures are as terrible as the one below of Douglas Preston, John Sandford, and Dustin Thomason, but all of them are labeled left to right.

Gayle Lynds, John Gilstrap, and Heather Graham.

Oh, yes, please share more occasionally terrible pictures of our favorite authors!

Meredith Anthony, Mark Alpert, and Dakota Banks

T. Jefferson Parker

John Lutz and Lawrence Light

Deborah Coonts and James L. Conway

David Rich, Vicki Pettersson, and Brad Parks

(Ooh, that’s an especially crummy one, isn’t it? We suspect Parks of sabotage. Look at him.)

Robin Burcell and Allison Brennan

Okay, the banquet’s in half an hour, so we’ve got to dash, but see you in the tweetosphere, thriller fans!

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