Grandpa Mike’s Fairy Tales with Breaking Bad’s Mike Ehrmantraut

I think we can all agree that Breaking Bad's Mike Ehrmantraut is a bad-ass. He is the cold, efficient right hand of every criminal organization. He's a former cop, cleaner, hit-man, bag-man, expert P.I., and doting grandfather. We all collectively Awww'ed at watching Mike play with his granddaughter and then cringed as he used that toy to summarily execute a would-be assassin. It's part of the reason we keep coming back to Breaking Bad

However, as it turns out, Mike is a pretty great story teller. Recently Paul F. Tompkins got Jonathan Banks (who plays Ehrmantraut), to read a few fairy tales in the style of Mike. It's a welcome, light moment in what has been an otherwise emotionally grueling season.  Hope you enjoy.


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