Ghostbusters: New Trailer

It's Matinee Monday—bringing you the latest in upcoming on-screen crime/mystery/thriller entertainment, as well as digging through digital libraries to find some greats that may have flown under the radar. This week, we've got the first trailer for the upcoming release of Paul Feig's reboot of the classic Ghostbusters.

Controversy has surrounded this film since the minute it was announced. With such a cult following, everyone seemed extremely worried as to how their childhood, ghost-hunting heroes would be handled.

And then, all hell broke loose when they announced an all-female cast.

However, having inked Paul Feig to direct and casting some of the funniest women alive, I think the rational world (a world that seems less and less like it actually exists—thanks to the internet) was more than willing to accept this updated version. That is, until the trailer hit on Friday.

The internet strikes again…

Oof. So much hate and vitriol for a little over two minutes of a silly comedy movie. I, personally, loved the original Ghostbusters, and have no problem with a reboot featuring a cast of all women.

That being said, this trailer really misses for me. The jokes seemed immature and underdeveloped, the ghosts and special effects were a CGI-sore, and nothing seemed original. Based on this trailer, Feig’s Ghostbusters seems like another poor attempt at cashing in on the nostalgia-crazy culture we seem to have formed.

I’m still looking forward to seeing it, although my expectations have been lowered significantly.



What do you think? Are you excited for the new Ghostbusters? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. charles j hauser jr

    no, not really- It seemed they were struggling to make the lines hunorous and didn’t succeed. I know it’s only a 2:34 second trailer but since trailers tend to have the best parts of the movie in them I am not encouraged that this will even come near the original. But I will wait and see if I’m wrong

  2. Adam Wagner

    That’s the approach I’m taking. I’ve read that the trailers for Feig’s other movies are equally as underwhelming–choosing not to show any of the big laughs. I’m not much a fan of Paul Feig/Melissa McCarthy movies (other than Bridesmaids) though, so I suppose that also adds to the malaise I have towards a movie I want to be excited for.

  3. Teddy P

    If they stick to the original story — it will be good. The original was great.

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