Get Ready…Get Set…SUBMIT! The Malfeasance Occasional is Open for Submissions!

Girl TroubleWe know you’ve been eagerly writing away ever since we announced the theme of our first e-collection of short fiction way back in August. “Girl Trouble” has been haunting you day and night, and now it’s finally time to get those stories in!

Please read over the information in our original post about length, deadlines, etc. You can find all the past posts and pertinent details about the M.O. in our Malfeasance Occasional section. If we still haven’t answered your question, feel free to holler at us!

Submissions can be sent to the Malfeasance Occasional email address! (Just click the link to open a mail window, and be sure the subject line has Your Title by Author Name in it.) After two short weeks, we're locking up the mailbox again, so don't delay!