Gerard Butler as FBI’s Bricklayer

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler to star as ex-FBI Steve Vail, no doubt a member of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers. Do those guns say Chicago Local 21 to you?
A retired FBI agent from the Detroit field office, Paul Lindsay has written several novels.  But most recently, under the pseudonym Noah Boyd, he’s begun a series about another ex-FBI agent named Steve Vail.  Millenium Films has acquired Boyd’s novel, The Bricklayer (can you guess Vail’s post-feeb occupation?), and Gerard Butler will play the Chicago tradesman.  Butler fans are excited to see him any way*, but especially in a less-comedic tough guy role.  He might need to rediscover his 300 biceps for the part, but he’s not looking too far gone here.

*Combine this man candy with our top cops of romantic suspense, and it’s an unusually wicked Wednesday around here.  Perhaps it’s the corrupting influence of going all black-and-blue.  However, like Hannibal Lecter, we always find brains extremely appealing, too.

hat tips: our Facebook maven, Jen Forbus, and Cinema Blend.


  1. smeek1958

    Excellent casting for the role of Steve Vail. So much better than Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher. Sorry, I’m still steamed about that bit of casting. I enjoyed the Bricklayer books and I hope that there are more of them to come.

  2. Megan Frampton

    I am not familiar with these books, but I think Butler is far more comfortable playing these types of ass-kicking roles than the rom-com crap he’s been in. So I am on-board to see it.

  3. anonymous

    Obama should pass a law to prevent Gerard Butler from wearing any clothes..He is just too beautiful to cover anything up

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