Fur Friday Fun, Identify the Cozy Mystery Pets Contest

Over at the Cozy Chicks blog, Ellery Adams is running a fun contest with a prize pack of catty merchandise from the ASPCA. But it’s a test of knowledge, not mere luck. Do you know these 3 cats?

One always sits on top of the sofa behind our heroine and is a smart alpha. The second cat is big, has a long red coat, and is the “watch cat”. And the third is champagne with seal points, allergic to human dander, and is a total lap kitty.

Hmmm. Even if you guess (or spill the beans) about which series/author it is here, unlike cats, you have to follow the rules to enter, and those are all at the Cozy Mystery Pets Contest post, where you also get one last hint!

Image via I Can Has Cheezburger.


  1. Ellery Adams

    Thanks for sharing! We love supporting books and the ASPCA!

  2. Tonya Thomas

    Sounds like fun! (And I’m pretty sure I know the answer, too!)

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