Fugitive Caught Because He Was a Litterbug

Sometimes a man is just destined to be in jail. Let me introduce you to one of those men: meet Travis Pratt from Virginia. Already in police custody, he allegedly broke out of jail, stole someone's pickup truck, stopped for some beers, and then proceeded onward and upward. Then, in what seemed an attempt to break as many laws as he could, Pratt added littering to his laundry list of illegal activity, tossing his empty brewskies out the window as he drove.

According to ABC7, unlike a newlywed couple headed off to honeymoon bliss, his trail of empty cans quickly became the breadcrumbs police needed to follow to find where Pratt was hiding. He was quickly put back in custody and is now facing charges for destruction of property, felony escaping, resisting arrest, and theft. But what a day of freedom he must've had!


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