From the Mouth of Babes: Teens and Johnny Law

An older and wiser Marge Simpson knows to be suspicious.
An older and wiser Marge Simpson knows to be suspicious.
This week, the boys in blue of Tampa, Florida arrested a 17-year-old high school student named Jared Cano for plotting to blow up his school in hopes “to cause more casualties than were suffered at Columbine.“  The kid had a manifesto, fuses, timers, the whole nine-yards for DIY carnage. The good news is he was caught due to a tip from an informant and cooperation from his mother.

Where this story moves beyond slightly scary to just plain funny is that prior to his arrest, Jared and a buddy of his were hanging out together at Jared’s house when, according to Jared’s Facebook account, his friend detected a wireless network labeled “FBI_Surveillance_Van.” Instead of questioning whether or not the heat was on, Jared responded with “weird” and a hearty “LMAO.”

Of course this comes on the heels of the UK police tracking down looters who use social media to display their looted swag, such as the fine fellow in this picture.

God bless the ignorance of youth…

Hat tip to Gizmodo for these gems.

Image via The Simpsons and FOX, plus Reddit, who thought of it first.


  1. Saundra Peck

    Amen to “God bless the ignorance of youth” and the cooperation of mother…she had to be so torn.

  2. Soni Pitts



    lol, that such an old-school gag wifi name, so weird to see it in this context.

  3. Christopher Morgan


    I know, it’s right up there with “Quit_Stealing_My_Wireless”, but still, you’d think that for a kid plotting what he was he would get just a tiny bit paranoid, at least more than a LMFAO…

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