From the Flames: A Hollywood Stunt Secret

No, this isn’t photoshopped. Photo courtesy of

Everyone has seen a movie where a stunt actor on screen is suddenly engulfed in flames and runs around flailing and eventually dying. As green screens continue to replace sets and props, it would be easy to assume that the fire is just another computer-generated gimmick. But thanks to Play'n With Fire HydraGel, a product produced by Action Factory, you can be sure that the actor on screen is actually on fire. The gel is a transparent and is designed to resist heat altogether, allowing stunt actors to have no fear. Actually, not having fear is pretty much a pre-requisite for being a stunt actor.



  1. Davide

    salve, mi chiamo Davide Manieri e sono uno stuntman Italiano. Sarei interessato a questo gel.

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