Fresh Meat: The Survivor by Gregg Hurwitz

The Survivor by Gregg Hurwitz
The Survivor by Gregg Hurwitz
The Survivor by Gregg Hurwitz is a stand-alone thriller and a story of violence and redemption (available August 21, 2012).

Standing on the ledge outside the 11th floor office of First Union Bank, Nate Overbay is looking down at the dumpster he so thoughtfully opened ten minutes earlier so the cleanup from his suicide will be minimal. Nate’s a nice guy that way. Thoughtful, kind, and luckless. In The Survivor by Gregg Hurwitz, Nate has been sucker punched several times in his life starting in the third grade when his mother died of cancer and his father retreated into a bottle of scotch. He does marry the girl of his dreams and has a daughter, but then he is sent to Iraq where he sees his best friend killed and Nate returns with PTSD.

Things go pretty much downhill from there. Nate’s marriage is breaking up; he is diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (A.L.S. or Lou Gehrig’s disease ) and he sees no point in sticking around for the inevitable paralysis and certain death. So there he is on the 11th floor ledge ready to take a dive when he hears gunshots—the bank is being robbed. Nate figures this is a good day to die hard and steps through the window. He picks up a Beretta carelessly placed on a desk and starts to shoot, and “the listlessness of the past several months fell away, and for the first time in a long damn time he sensed himself moving without hesitation. With something like purpose.”

Nate starts to take down the robbers one by one.

A bullet lasered past his face, close enough to trail heat across his cheek. He was, it struck him, utterly unafraid. In his indifference he felt a weight lift from his shoulders, felt a smile curve his lips, felt imaginary manacles release. [He stepped] into the incoming bullets, to his death, his senses alive with the thrill of freedom—no, more than that. The thrill of liberation.

Nate runs out of bullets and leaves one man standing who ominously warns Nate that “He will be greatly angered by you . . . You have no idea what you have done.”

What might have been a maudlin tale of one man’s last stand against his disintegrating life becomes something much more thrilling in the hands of Gregg Hurwitz. Exhilaration and some fear fuel Nate’s choices throughout the novel. His decision not to die that day on the ledge has made him a hero, but it has also put his family in danger.

Nate’s resolution to spit in the eye of fear and death and some very bad men results in his rebirth as imaged by the block of ice he finds himself encased in after being kidnapped and drugged by mobster Pavlo. Nate’s arms in handcuffs tethered to a beam above him complete the Christ imagery. Nate, like Christ, knows that he will die a terrible death, but he is willing to sacrifice himself to save his family.

Nate is given five days to retrieve the MacGuffin from the bank he saved from being robbed. Although he’s scared to death, Nate feels more alive than any time since he returned from Iraq.

Nate says to his wife and daughter, “I’ve made so many mistakes . . . But the ones I regret the most are the things I didn’t do. The things I let fear keep me from doing. But now, with this [and] everything else. There’s none of that. No more not doing . . . I will not go to my grave knowing that these guys are after you and my daughter.”

Nate has a reason to live and a mission, one that will lead to sacrifice but also to redemption.


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  1. Karl Stenger

    Looks promising. I’d love to read the entire novel.

  2. Robin Weatherington

    Wow! Can’t wait to read this.

  3. Andrew Beck

    What an interesting protagonist! I’m certainly curious to find out how all of this turns out!

  4. charles mitelhaus

    Another I cannot put it down offer!

  5. Allison Moyer

    I’m rooting for Nate to survive and thrive!

  6. Terry Parrish

    I would defintely love to read this book! What a teaser for us.

  7. Joanne Mielczarski

    This sounds like a story for the “everyman” in all of us!

  8. vikki p

    I enjoyed the brief teaser more than I thought I would. I think I would like to read this.

  9. Marie-Louise Molloy

    [color=rgb(64, 224, 208)]Stop! I do not like to be teased! [b]PLEASE![/b] pick me to win and let me finish! ‘0) [/color]

  10. Kathy Fannon

    This sounds like a great read.

  11. Denise George

    I am a big fan of thrillers – would love to win this book. From what I have read so far it seems like a easy fast read!!

  12. Anita N

    I really enjoy reading Mr. Hurwitz’s thrillers – I have purchased several and just bought another one which I plan to read this week.

  13. Anita Nowak

    I really enjoy Mr. Hurwitz’s thrillers – have purchased several and just bought another which I plan to read later this week.

  14. Patti DelValle

    You got me! I would love to win this book & be turned on by Gregg Hurwitz as I haven’ read any of his books…yet.
    I am having a hard time entering from any form.

  15. Cindi Hoppes

    This plot sounds like one that I have to help solve…
    Many thanks, Cindij

  16. Clare 2e

    @Bookdayze-No worries, you’re in! As are you @CindiHoppes.

    As long as your user name’s in black, on the comment we have all the info we need, including an e-mail contact if you win. Very best of luck!

  17. Don Maker

    A lot of the vigalante stories don’t ring true for lack of motivation — this sounds like all the motivation in the world! The writing also brings the action alive. I look forward to reading the entire novel.

  18. Barbara

    Looks like a winner!

  19. Janice Gable bashman

    I can’t wait to read this book. I saw the cover a while ago and was immediately drawn to it. Gregg Hurwitz writes incredible thrillers, so I have no doubt I’ll love this one too.

  20. David Vinther

    book looks good, can’t wait to give it a read

  21. Dorothy Hayes

    Gregg Hurwitz brings his protagonist, Nate Overbay, back from the brink while he captivates and inspires us. I’m going to read this one. Thanks, Susan.

  22. Gin

    I was thrilled to see a contest for Gregg Hurwitz’s new book. I have read all of his books so far and am really looking forward to his new one. I write a review on Goodreads for every book I read and would love to critique this one as well.

  23. Gin Horton

    I was thrilled to see a contest for Gregg Hurwitz’s new book. I have
    read all of his books so far and am really looking forward to his new
    one. I write a review on Goodreads for every book I read and would love
    to critique this one as well.

  24. Suzanne Gonneville

    i’m interested, for sure.

  25. Andy Speed

    This sounds intriguing. Count me in!

  26. S Smith

    I am looking forward to getting book.

  27. Anne Joyce

    this book sounds like just my kind of book!

  28. Desmond Warzel

    Count me in, please!

  29. MaryC

    Love Greg Hurwitz’s books – look forward to reading The Survivor.
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  30. Beverly Price

    I love Greg Hurwitz’s books. I will be sure to read this one.

  31. YvonneJ

    I read The Crime Writer earlier this year and have been looking for another of Greg’s books to read without having to go back and catch up on a series.

  32. L L

    The book sounds intriguing.

  33. John Maline

    I am all in on this one!

  34. vanessagalore

    Sign me up, sounds interesting.

  35. DragonReader

    Sounds like an interesting book.

  36. Micheal Shea

    would love to win it

  37. Patrice Gottfried

    Loved his last two books. Looking forward to reading this one.

  38. Deborah Dumm

    can’t wait to read this book sounds real good

  39. hollyhollyhansen

    This sounds like the book will hold my interest right up to the last word.

  40. Victoria Muncy

    sounds like a book to keep me awake all night.

  41. Sharon Haas

    Sounds intense!

  42. Marjorie Pawley

    Something to live & die for-fear gone & self realization awakes. Give me the entire story, please.

  43. tursk

    Loved “You’re next” it can only get better!!!!!

  44. Nancy Turski

    Loved “You’re Next”. It can only get better!!!

  45. sue brandes

    Sounds very interesting. I would love to read it.

  46. theresa n

    Sounds like a good read.

  47. Darlene Ysaguirre

    Sounds Like A great read

  48. paul sproul

    reads like a real nailbiter.


    I love to read Thrillers!

  50. Kathleen

    I can relate to the looking for a new purpose in life. Reading has always been a way to distract or inspire me. I would love to win this book for either purpose!

  51. Vicky Boackle

    this looks so interesting.

  52. V Luckert

    Looks very interesting – would love to win this!

  53. cheryl wong

    would love this

  54. s.amper

    Anita N
    Gin Horton
    Theresa N
    V Luckert
    Your names are in [b]RED[/b], and you will not have a chance to win the book unless you log in and see that your name above your comment is in [b]BLACK.[/b]

  55. s.amper

    Also DragonReader. You need to see your name in [b]Black.[/b]

  56. Melissa Keith

    WOW. This book appeals to me greatly. Yea, I would think gun shots would stop anyone from jumping off a ledge. Interesting too how a suicide can give one a sense of purpose. I’d love to win and read this book! Thanks.

  57. Arthur Otsuka

    This looks like a good read.

  58. Lori Hart

    Looks great!

  59. Alyson Widen

    You had me at dumpster and all the rest – ledges, broken relationships, simply makes this a must read.



  61. Caryn Strean

    I love his books and can’t wait to read this one



  63. Tarah

    This sounds like an amazing read!

  64. Tarah Manning

    This sounds like an amazing read!

  65. Susan Pertierra

    I’ve read and enjoyed Gregg Hurwitz and love thrillers so this would be a fun one to win.

  66. Susan Tremayne

    My favorite type of book.

  67. JJT

    Thank you for the giveaway. The book sounds great.

  68. rhonda

    Thanks for great giveaways.

  69. Paulette Feeney

    I will gladly take it!

  70. Vivian T.

    Looks like this is a must read and I will be adding it to the top of my TBR list.

  71. JoAnn Hernandez

    Would Luv to win this!! Looks like a must read!!

  72. Rhonda Kay

    Interesting premise and believable in its own way. Looking forward to hopefully being able to read and win a copy in order to do so. The book sounds so interesting and appreciate your giving away some of your work to interested readers like me. God bless!

  73. barbara studer

    looks like a good read. going on my tbr list. thanks for the draw!!

  74. Bonnie Wilks

    sounds interesting

  75. Daniel M

    sounds like a fun one!

  76. Phoenix

    Hurwitz is always an interesting writer. I’m particularly curious to see how he approaches his character having ALS.

  77. Edward Vandenberg

    This sounds like a good book!

  78. Ed Nemmers

    I would like to read this book by Greg Hurwitz.

  79. Vikki Micco

    Sounds like a book I won’t put down til finished reading.

  80. calvin kuhn

    I wish I had it in my hands tonight

  81. Sarah Yurga

    Sounds terrific

  82. Sarah Yurga

    Sounds terrific! (Glad I logged in this time)

  83. Sand Lopez

    I would love to read this book!

  84. Buddy Garrett

    It sounds very interesting. I would love to read it.

  85. Brenda Elsner

    Sounds great!! Thanks for the chance to win it!!

  86. Heather Cowley

    Well, the summary alone gives me chills and some wet eyes. I’d love to read this!

  87. Susan Smoaks

    this sounds like a great read!

  88. Marianna H Ballard

    Sounds like a great read!

  89. Carol Mintz

    I’ve never read any of his books but I would like to! This one sounds really good!

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