Fresh Meat Even Vegans Enjoy Serving—How About You?

We’re looking for more readers to serve up Fresh Meats, our bloggers’ first impressions of upcoming releases.

Safe for any dietary condition or conscience, we keep it fresh by only covering books in advance of publication. The meat of the post is short on synopsis, highlighting instead one or two notable aspects to which the reader responded, illustrated with sample passages. The length is pithy, 600-1,000 words, and we have tons of examples from every genre at our Fresh Meat feature page!

We want to start conversations about what differentiates a book, to characterize a reader’s personal experience, not to summarize the storyline or to award ratings.

Because Fresh Meat isn’t a conventional or comprehensive book review, some contributors also write more traditional, thorough reviews of the same title for other venues. Fine and dandy—we’ll even put a link in the Fresh Meat to a blogger’s full review elsewhere. Bloggers submit their own signature lines with whatever links they choose. All our site content gets spread through social media, and Fresh Meats always appear in our weekly e-newsletter. We even pay a pittance!

We especially need more thriller readers, but we have a wide-ranging shopping list of upcoming cool crime from all over, including paranormal, literary, true crime, romantic suspense, historical, horror, pulp, graphic novels . . . Our contributors aren’t assigned titles—they volunteer to read whatever their personal enthusiasms and schedules direct. (We’re also eager to discuss other pre-release titles bloggers may be reading.)

So, if you’re interested in serving up Fresh Meat for Criminal Element, we won’t make you mess with the wax paper and twine, just E-mail Us!


  1. Terrie Farley Moran

    Fresh Meats are so much fun. I enjoy reading what other folks have to say and when I do one, I get to read new books before they are released and share my opinion with everyone else. Can’t get better than that!

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